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Where to locate the software library?

Created: 03 Dec 2012 | 4 comments

I'm creating a new Altiris 7 infrastructure and require an NS and site server in my data center. The site server will be used for task patch and package delivery. If my understanding is correct when I create a job to deploy packaged software the site server obtains a copy of the package from the software library and stores it locally.

If this is true can I save myself disk space by creating the software library on the site server directly?

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You may create a software library on any remote computer by creating the shared folder where you should give a full control to the application identity of Notification Server.
The application identity of Notification Server is the account that is used to access Notification Server. You specify the appropriate user name and password when you install Notification Server.


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You won't save disk space, the Site Server will store all the packages twice, in the Package Store and the Software Library Share.

I suppose you could install the Package Service then use that folder for your Software Library but I'd expect you'd get some unpleasant unintended consequences, file copying stuck in a loop or some such.

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Let the NS manage your packages for you.  Anytime you add software to the software catalog add it to each package server individually with manual prestaging.  Have it set to delete the packages after a week if they arent being used.  this way as you grow your environment you wont have to log in to each server individually.  Once you know a package is not going to be used any more delete it from the NS or change the package server setting for the software to each server individually and then dont select any.

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Recommended to go to page 5 on the below guide to configure the software library and try to re-import the software again into the software catalog and give us an update.