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Where oh where is my scheduled catalog job?

Created: 13 Nov 2013 • Updated: 14 Nov 2013 | 10 comments

Searching hither and yonder help files and forums to find a scheduled catalog job.
Viewing "SHOW ALL JOBS" does not show it.  Poking around at every option in Storage doesn't find it.
I know its there because it runs every day at 5:30 PM and I want to change it.

I have another scheduled Catalog and Inventory job that runs every day but I need to delete it.

Where is it?

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In the Storage tab, click on the the device that is being cataloged and you would find the catalog job.

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Hi thanks for the reply.  Sure enough, there it is, the inventory scheduled job anyhow.  That one is working fine and now I can find it.  Remaining problem is another ob that fails everryday.  It is a Catalog and Inventory....Its nowhere to be found....

Is the Catalog and Inventory scheduled job hiding somewhere else?

Btw...On the backup section, there is a button for "ALL JOBS"  wouldn't logic dictate that ALL means all and it should show up there too?  Alas, I understand Sym has created more work for themselves with the latest bungleded upgrade everying is screaming about.  I'll stick with the devil I know for now.

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Is the Catalog and Inventory scheduled job hiding somewhere else?

Same thing.  In the Storage tabe, click on the device that this job is for, and you will find it.

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It appears that when you create an "Inventory Job" there is an option to run now or schedule. 
You don't get the scheduled option when you create a "Catalog and Inventory job."
However if you create this job, while another job is running it goes into "Scheduled" state.
I had edited that job and the Inventory was successfull, but the "Catalog" portion fails every day due to timeout...... Wierd.

Both "Inventory" and "Inventory and Catalog" and create a job named "Inventory00024" or next number in line.  There is no way to tell if this is an Inventory or Inventory and Catalog because when you open the jobs they are identical.

Evidenlty Catalog jobs cannot be scheduled, although you can accidently modify one to be "Scheduled" only to fail.

And I was thinking it was me that was stoooooopid....this software is riddled with bugs and counter-intuitive design.  How can a company that makes such slop stay in business charging what they charge, $600 a year per server for support and upgrades?

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Well the above did not correct the problem.  There is a phantom job I cannot find called "Catalog 00167"

11/14/2013 4:02:11 AM
The job missed its scheduled start time by more than 1 day.  The job will be rescheduled for the same time the following day.   

Respond OK..... NO IT IS NOT OKAY.

Help!  Where is it?  I want to stab it and delete it.

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Go to the BE installation directory and use BEUtility to repair the BEDB.  If this does not remove the phantom job, then you would need to log a formal support case, so that the support engineer can manually edit out the job.

As an aside, why do you need to do so many inventory jobs?

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Hi I have a RD1000 drive and to get the Exchange Granular IMG files to delete the instructions say to run an inventory prior to the job run.  So my inventory runs at 5:45 and my backup starts at 6:00.  But no matter what I do, my Exchange IMG files will not delete.  I have SP 2010 SP2a  follow everythig to the T  Retention set correct, append set correct but BE will NOT overwrite or delete these jobs.  It just keeps appending.

I don't like setting up scripts to delete backup jobs, so I must log in each day before I run out of space and delete the files in BE Gui.

It works fine, but this Catalog phantom is just bugging me with an alert every day..

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I believe the failure to delete .img folders on RDX drives is a known problem.

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You can use the Symantec CLI(command line) to delete this job: 

Get-BEJob "Catalog 00001" | Remove-BEJob