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Where is “Overwrite Media When this Job Begins” in Backup Exec 2012?

Created: 04 Jun 2013 | 2 comments

Where is “Overwrite Media When this Job Begins” in Backup Exec 2012?  According to my Data Migration report, it will be changed to “Append to media, overwrite if no appendable media is available” but I don’t like that because I only have limited storage space. I need to change that to “Overwrite Media When this Job Begins” on all my Backup-to-disk” jobs.  Where is this setting?

Check the attachment of what I am talking about.


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Edit your job and in the job properties, click on Storage.  You should be able to set your job to Overwrite or Append.  This is only applicable for tape media.

If you are using Disk Storage or Disk Cartridge Device, then your job will automatically overwrite.  There is no option to append for these two types of media.

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In 2012 any job to disk storage is forced to start as an overwrrite , hence the choice is no longer available if the job is to disk buit re-appears if you create a job to tape..

- to be specific the start of every backup set tyo disk storage actually starts as an overwrite, as such C: starts a new bkf, D: would start a new bkf and system state woudl also start a new bkf.

If GRT is involved IMG folders have always started a new folder per set (even before 2012)

Finally in 2012 we do not technically overwrite media, a background process polls every 4 hours (default, registry edit to amend) and looks for media that is beyound the retention period or expired and then deletes it. This process is part of Data Lifecycle Management. More info here

Note we will not allow a full backup set (even an expired one) to be deleted if the incremental or differential sets that depend on it are not also expired and not the last copy of a specific backup set. (This last copy setting can also be changed by registry if you do not want it)