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Where is Windows 8.1- "User Account" Folder Saved??

Created: 13 Jul 2014 • Updated: 14 Jul 2014 | 1 comment
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I'm a long-time GHOST user (since around 2005) and was recently using version 15.0 on Win XP SP3. Then I upgraded to Win 8.1 and had to switch-over to Symantec System Recovery (SSR). I have now installed the 60-day trial version.

Seems OK. I've done one Full Recovery Point and it works just like GHOST.

But...on that saved Recovery Point (RP) it only seems to have the info for my main HDD drive (C:). I do not see anything on that RP for my Windows User Account Folder (RobbyStellarSeed) where many important files exist (b/c Win 8.1 won't let me save some things to C:).

Especially problematic here is my Mozilla Profile data which is in this User Account Folder -- very imporant items like bookmarks and history in Firefox -- and all my saved emails in Thunderbird.

Can anyone clarify things for me on this?

Appreciate any help.

Robby (can't see my "signature" in the Preview; not sure it was accepted.)

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Nevermind. I fount it all in C:\Users\RobbyStellarSeed.

I just have never understood why MS puts things in your file system selections like "Desktop," and special categories within that -- and then also includes your C: drive as a separate category -- all which would lead one to believe that those Desktop categories are in a different place than on C: (which of course is impossibe, I guess).

XP was *so* much simpler and easy to use (though perhaps much less "secure"). Trade-offs.



Symantec System Recovery 2013 Desktop Edition (60-day Trialware, Ver. 11.02.49853).

Win 8.1, Toshiba 17" laptop, quad-core (2GHz per core), 8GB mem, 750MB internal HDD, 1TB ext. HDD.