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where in the WORLD is the media configuration

Created: 12 Sep 2013 | 6 comments

I've got an error and I need to be able to set the append on Media sets and such. I cannot, for the life of me and i've looked all morning, find out where the media sets are or even how to get to them. This is what the help file says:

On the Storage tab, expand Tape/Disk Cartridge Media Sets and Vaults.

and this is what I see:


Where in this software anywhere is this freaking setting??? I feel really stupid because I know i've seen it previously but I can not see the option at all as you can see on this screenshot. Thanks in advance!

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According to the Screenshot you dont seem to be using a Tape catridge or a tape drive.

With BE 2012 media sets are only available with Tape catridge or a tape device.

Can you please explain what error message are you getting and tell us whats the scenario ?

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it's an incremental job following a full backup of my file server. This is the error:

newfs.CHM.LAN Backup 00040-Incremental -- The job failed with the following error: Physical Volume Library Media not found.

When I chase it down I find this link that is most appropriate. This was working up until a week ago and i'm not very good at troubleshooting it would appear:

and of course this applies to tape, which I don't use. I use B2D

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Could be a corrupt job as well

Please try this

1. Restart the services

2. Invetory the Storage device

3. Create a new backup job

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You have all your devices configured as Disk storage

Media sets does not apply on disk storage.

Media sets apply to tape device/disk cartridge (USB disk which shows as removabale disk /not fixed disks  / Dell RDX devices)

hence the media set is missing, the moment you add a tape device the media sets will start showing up.

Media set is used to reuse the media, if your device is a disk device the media will not be reused however it will be reclaimed (expired data deleted after expiration of the backup set)

You have to set in the job properties for how long you want to retain the data on the tape.

Eg : If you say you want the data to be retained for 1 hr, after 1 hour it will be deleted from the actual location

There were some issues with the media not getting reclaimed even after the backup set is expired which is not fixed with Backup Exec 2012 Sp2, run a live update and patch your backup exec to the Sp2 update or you can manually download and install it from


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sounds good. I have one question though. I know where I can set the retention for weeks, but as far as getting to hourly and such I can't find it

Eg : If you say you want the data to be retained for 1 hr, after 1 hour it will be deleted from the actual location


I'm guessing the above screenshot is where I set the hourly, etc.. is there anywhere else to look? my biggest concern is why it just stopped backing up last week. Maybe because I don't have the retention set correctly but it had been working..

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Click on the Dropdown button that says "Weeks" it should give you hours , days and years.

As I said It could in the above post be a corrupt job.

Make sure its patched up to Sp2

Restart the services or reboot the media server

Run an inventory

Recreate a backup job and check

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