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Where would you like future Vision Conferences to be held?

Created: 19 Apr 2010 | 62 comments
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I usually see this question on the post-MF/VISION survey and I'm curious of the typically answers?

I'd prefer Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco or Miami. What would you prefer?

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My favorite city is San Francisco.  Although Miami is closer (to me), San Francisco is much a better destination.
The West Coast has great cities. 

Juan C. Alvarez

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What are some of the venues available that would hold 2000+ people in San Francisco?


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I'm agree with you Juan Carlos.



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There are several venues to choose from, as well as different entertainment options even if you don't like country.  You can always catch a show somewhere.  There is also a lot of history here for the families of the attendees to spend their free time.  Fun and entertainment for all ages.

Is there even a chance the venue could change or will it always be in Vegas.  There may be a standing contract with MGM for several years.  The company I work for had a 10 year commitment with MGM to hold their conference there, however the venue is changing this year as that contract has finally ran out and the conference is moving to Dallas.

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Houston is a great city with plenty of hotel rooms and tons of convention space.  Many international flights land in Houston ... oh, and the food is great!

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Easy to get to here as well.

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Seattle or San Francisco ! My last 3 companies have refused travel expenses to Las Vegas and sadly I don't see that management mentality changing anytime soon.

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Been in LV for Vision in 2004 2007 2010. Going to new city's is part of the experience. I vote for anything else than Las Vegas.

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UFO's picture

Seattle is great place to make a big event like Vision!


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I would go back to Vegas again and again.  There is so much to see and do.   I know this causes for distractions but I went to class everyday and sill made it out for the night life.  The weather was also great! 

I also liked Orlando seems like the Vision party at Studio 54 was very crowded and warm this year, I much rather enjoyed the Orlando theme park outside a few years ago and the Manage This band could play outside and there was room for everyone to dance, eat and socialize.

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There are many great sities to choose from. I might suggest Barcelona, Singapore or Tokyo also

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Couldn't manage to get there this year, but I'm looking forward to next year. So you guys pick the place and I'm there.  Orlando doesn't sound bad.

Angelique28's picture

There are several venues to choose from, but i prefer San Francisco.
Changing of venues is better in my opinion. Checking out other location is pretty entertaning.  =D

EdT's picture

San Francisco would be a good choice. Very cultured populace (at least compared with LA which has the most vile people imaginable working at the airport), and a really nice place to visit.

Also Orlando or Houston. Frankly anywhere in Texas would be cool as I've not visited that State yet. From what I hear you get a good steak meal there, and can go shoot machine guns if that takes your fancy.

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erikw's picture

I vote for Miami.
That would be a new experience after 3 times Vegas.

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David Ricardo's picture

I'm agree with Miami, or maybe NY! we have a lot of places different than Vegas.

Kevin_K's picture

I'd say Houston, Nashville, San Fran, San ,Washington DC

Vegas isn't all that bad either :-)

GlAl's picture

New Orleans is my favorite convention city in US I have been to so far. Ernest Memorial Convention Center, Hotels, Shopping, French Quarter with restaurants and bars... - everything within 15 min walking distance!

Denver/Boulder would be interesting as well. And Vegas isn't bad either.

Stumpr2's picture

San Antonio River Walk

VERITAS ain't it the truth?

UFO's picture

Make the next EMEA Vision in Moscow.

For U.S. - Atlanta, Orlando, and Seattle are good places.


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Amsterdam is a great place to visit and to have a conference.

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Good place to go "window" shopping!

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Liam Finn's picture

I think Ireland would be a great location for the EMEA Vision to be held.

Another option would be Gothenburg, Sweden. It is a beautiful friendly city. It has a conference center in the heart of the city and it has attached hotels which are beautiful

South Africa gold coast would be another choice of mine

If you want somewhere where there is so much to see and do in your spare time then Rome is a must. I'm sure almost everyone will extend their stay there just to visit the sights in Rome

I have traveled so much it is so hard to choose one location

CraigV's picture

...actually, anywhere in Europe. Never been off the African continent, so its all a new experience.

Italy, the UK, Germany...?

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Angelique28's picture

I would like to explore Africa for Emea region...Safari experience!cool

Liam Finn's picture

Excellent Idea. A Safari trip would be cool. Just bring Mosquito spray..Lots of it but it would be fun

CraigV's picture'd need to be on malaria medication, depending on where you wanted to go. South Africa has Kruger National Park (check up on it)...abasolutely AMAZING place, having only started to go there in the past 4 years...but it is in a malaria area, and seems to affect a lot more "outsiders" (so foreigners, and people from outside the province it is in...), so that is a must.

Otherwise...the annual migration in the Serengetti...? wink

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Then I'll get Malaria vaccine first then will carry 1 gallon on mosquito spay...Well hope that will cover the needs of all the people who will come.cheeky

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Please let us know if this event is being held in India also. It would be great opportunity for us to participate in the session.


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I loved Orlando, but anywhere in Florida that has a good venue with enough room and entertainment that is within walking distance gets my vote.

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I would like to vote for Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

nhej-'s picture

I agree with Nylisher, why not try Philippines..

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I would like it to be in Nashville.  That's one of my favorite cities and there's something for everyone.  And the Gaylord hotel would be the perfect hotel to host.

dfrancis's picture

ANYWHERE but Vegas.  It's getting to be too hard to try to justify a trip to Vegas until you're blue in the face.  No matter where I've been, management has always been weird about wanting to send people to Vegas because of all of the other stuff that goes on there -- I've had issues in the past where someone else's offsite training got approved no questions asked despite being more than twice as expensive than a trip to (the former) ManageFusion in Vegas, where I had to fight and fight and fight for it.


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setral's picture

I'm with you dfrancis, it is hard at times to talk Management into a conference, it's even harder when the conference is in Las Vegas.

I have to say locations like Orlando, is far easier to talk management into approving than Vegas.

But... I will say, so far Vegas has been the most entertaining location for conferences ;)

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New Orleans depends on time of year, but normally no way....never like Florida for a conference either.  Vegas, LA, or Portland.

rdvanorman's picture

Dallas or Fort Worth,  Been to Las Vegas 4 times now and I still haven't lost anything there that I need to go back for.

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As much as I love going to Vegas, its a bit old since I've been there 3 times for Vision/Manage Fusion.