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Which backup exec product(s) needed

Created: 16 Jun 2011 • Updated: 18 Jun 2011 | 7 comments
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We have a windows 2008 server with the Hyper-V role hosting 2 guests - a Windows Small Business Server 2011 and a Windows 2003 server that hosts databases (MS SQL and Oracle) and web applications.

With just the SBS 2011 we were going to use Backup Exec for Windows Small Business Server installed on the hyper-v server with the remote agent on the SBS 2011 server so would only need to buy the Backup Exec for Windows Small Business Server product.

In order to backup the windows 2003 server as well what would we need to get instead?   I already know that the Hyper-V agent is out of our budget.

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Win 2003 server has SQL and Oracle DB so you will need Agent for SQL and Agent for Oracle.

 Couldn't make out where exactly you will be installing Backup Exec core product.

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You would find this KB article relevant -

As I understand, you are planning to install BE SBS edition on the Hyper V server which has a SBS running as a guest. This setup would not be possible & the above mentioned KB would provide comphrensive info.

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As I understand, you are planning to install BE SBS edition on the Hyper V server which has a SBS running as a guest. This setup would not be possible

This is not true,  The setup is a supported configuration.  I do not have the document which says so, but in this discussion, Colin Weaver does not dispute the fact that it can be done.

and also the document below points to this configuration.  The BE SBS can be installed either on the host or the VM with the SBS OS.  If you are planning to back up to a tape drive, then it is advisable to install the SBS on the physical host.  However, do take note of the gotcha in this document if you do install the BE SBS edition on the physical host.

To backup your Server 2003 machine, you will need a SQL Server licence and an Oracle licence. The SQL Server licence comes with a RAWS licence, so you don't have to get a RAWS licence to back up the files on the Server 2003 machine.

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Install Backup Exec 2010 R2 or Backup Exec 2010 R3 on Windows Server which has Hyper-V role installed in it. As you want to use the Backup Exec SBS License make sure that during the installation of Backup Exec your SBS guest machine is UP and RUNNING as Backup Exec will scan the guest machines to see that any one guest has SBS operating System installed on it.

To backup your another Win 2003 server you need to buy a Remote Agent License keys. If you want to backup the two applications (SQL and Oracle) from that server too then you also need to buy the Agent for SQL and Agent for Oracle license keys.

Hope this helps.

@VJware: Not sure which technote you wanted to give. The one which you have given is for completely different software.



Hope this piece of Information Helps you... and if it does then mark this response as Solution....!!!

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Apologies for the incorrect TN...This is the right KB -

Excerpts from the KB :-

Backup Exec Small Business Server Edition (BE SBS) is designed, licensed, and priced for the Microsoft Small Business Server operating system. . As a result, Backup Exec SBS Edition will only install on a Microsoft SBS operating system and will perform verification during installation to ensure the product is installed only on a Microsoft SBS operating system.

However, BE SBS Edition cannot be installed on the physical Hyper-V host server or the second “Line of Business” Windows 2008 Server operating system (included in the Premium versions of Microsoft SBS) because they are not running the Microsoft SBS operating system required by the Backup Exec SBS Edition.

As a result of the requirement that Backup Exec SBS Edition be installed in the Guest virtual machine running the SBS operating system when virtualized, there are will be limitations on what backup devices can be supported. The Hyper-V 2008 and 2008 R2 platform do not currently support the virtualization of tape devices connected to the physical Hyper-V host through to the SBS Guest virtual machine. As a result, tape devices cannot be currently used when Backup Exec SBS Edition has been virtualized on the Hyper-V platform since tape communication cannot be passed through to the Guest SBS virtual machine. This is a limitation of the Hyper-V platform and not Backup Exec SBS Edition.

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If you read further down that KB it goes on to say

"The issue with the SBS Licensing not being accepted by the host machine is resolved with Backup Exec 2010-R2.  The install now looks at the active guest machines for an SBS 2008 or greater server during the installation to the host.  For tape backup in this environment, install Backup Exec 2010-R2 with the SBS License to the host machine."

So it looks like we need Backup Exec for Small Business Server which will be installed to the physical host machine and will detect and backup the SBS 2011 guest, plus the additional agents for the second server.

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With SBS 2011, you should have no problems with the OS requirement for the BE SBS edition, even if it is installed on the physical host.