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Which is Better for Backing Up Clients?

Created: 01 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

 We have several xp and 7 workstations that I would like to back up select files. Right now we have scheduled windows back up to weekly back up these folders but I would like a better way to do this.

 I have read some about Symantec DLO 7 and we also already back up our servers with back up exec 2010 and have read how I can get 1 RAWS agent per workstation and it will back up select files.

 What is the difference between the two? Do they both allow us to select files to back up? What advantage does one have over the other? Im thinking since we already are using back up exec that the cheapest thing to do is just purchase RAWS for additional workstations we want to back up. Any info I'd appreciate.

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Colin Weaver's picture

DLO can only go to network (disk) storage, is profile based so dependent on the individual user logging into the workstation and is not designed to recover the operating system of the computer it is only designed to backup and restore user data (which you specify the paths to). It does have some capability for user to restore their own files.

BE RAWS is service based so is independent of the logged in user and can write or duplicate to tape if needed. It has capability to restore the complete operating system (although may have some limitations when looking at Workstation Operating Systems). You can also select only parts of the disk content for backup if you don't want the complete volume.

Of course SSR should perhaps  be thrown into the mix as well. This again does not write to tape and is a block/image level product (DLO and RAWS are file level) which allows individual files restore as well as complete sytsem restore.

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 So, just to make sure I understand correctly. Since The DLO option is dependent of the user being logged, that means the back ups will only run with the user logged in?

 What I want is something that will back up specific files/folders regardless of the user being logged in or not and those same files/folders can be restored if needed.

 So RAWS back up files/folders and the complete OS if needed? 

Jaydeep S's picture

Yes, RAWS will backup the data in a way you want. It is free on Windows XP but you will need licenses for Windows 7