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While creating SRT for linux its not mounting the media and it ejecting

Created: 13 Jun 2013 | 5 comments

Can anybody explain how to create SRT in linux if possible SCREENSHOTS.I installed NB7.0 on linux 5.7 BMR backup was sucessfully done but creating SRT has got issues

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Check out bmr admin guide which explains linux srtadm creation process with explaination on the input required from user.

what exactly the problem you are facing? paste your screen o/p.



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While creating SRT for linux its not mounting the media and it ejecting....

not sure what media mount you expect? 
You need to ensure that OS software and NBU client software is mounted/available at OS level.

Link to Bare Metal Restore Admin Guide :

See chapter 7: Managing shared resource trees

This chapter includes the following topics:
■ About shared resource trees
■ About creating a shared resource tree
Creating an SRT for UNIX or Linux 

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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The SRT creation process is covered in the BMR Admin Guide.  Short version:

1.  The process will ask for the OS install image to be used.   You have two options for a response:

      a.  The CD/DVD device where the image media has been inserted.

      b.  A directory where the data files were copied to.

Note:  It will not work to specify a directory of a loop-back mounted ISO.  It must be  a local file system or device, not a NFS mounted version. During the install process BMR performs its own overmounts.

2. Next it will ask for the location of the NBU Client install files.  The directory specified (if using a local file system) will be the one that holds the "install" script.

3. Lastly, if this is the first Linux SRT being created, it will ask for the "3rd Party Products CD (3PPCD) " install CD.  That should have come as part of the NBU 7.0 GA media kit.  The same copy is usable for all NBU releases.  A copy can be found and downloaded using the following TECH article URL:

4. If updating the SRT to a later NBU release level, use "bmrsrrtadm" and specify the directory path to where the NB_update.install file exists.

I hope this helps clarify your information request. 

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If the information has allowed for the SRT creation, please mark the solution.