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White Spaces on Classifications

Created: 17 Apr 2013 • Updated: 26 Aug 2013 | 8 comments
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Hello Gurus,

As Title says .. Can I do Classifications with spaces?  

servicios Internos para Usuarios.Servicio Intranet y Web.Proappcenter

Or I need to do.. "Servicios Internos para Usuarios"."Servicio Intranet y Web".Proappcenter

or  Servicios\ Internos\ para Usuarios.Servicio\ Intranet\ y\ Web.Proappcenter

Any Idea?

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Spaces are allowed; assuming that classifications are treated like other hierarchies in ProcessManager, the comma is the delimitting character:

blah1 with space,blah2 with space,blah3 with space,etc.

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Period/dot may be the delimiter... don't have access to portal or code to verify.

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OK ,, jeje I lost in translation .. to understand you 

this classification Servicios Internos para Usuarios.Servicio Intranet y Web.Proappcenter

is the same to Servicios Internos para Usuarios,Servicio Intranet y Web,Proappcenter

comma is a Classification separator and  dot is classification subclasification separator?

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Hi Seralar,

I think that the comma is the delimitting character:

Incident Management,Hardware,Keyboard
Incident Management,Hardware,Server
Incident Management,Hardware,Phone
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook
Incident Management,Hardware,Handheld
Incident Management,Hardware,Desktop
Incident Management,Hardware,Printer
Incident Management,Hardware,Mouse
Incident Management,Hardware,Monitor
Incident Management,Hardware,Drive
Incident Management,Hardware,Server,Memory
Incident Management,Hardware,Server,CPU or Blade
Incident Management,Hardware,Server,Other
Incident Management,Hardware,Server,Disk
Incident Management,Hardware,Phone,Other
Incident Management,Hardware,Phone,Voice Mail Not Working
Incident Management,Hardware,Phone,Reset Voice Mail Pin
Incident Management,Hardware,Phone,No Dial Tone
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Docking Station
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Backup
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Machine Discovery
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Disk
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Network
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Modem
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Fax
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Memory
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Employee
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,NIC
Incident Management,Hardware,Notebook,Other
Incident Management,Hardware,Handheld,Other
Incident Management,Hardware,Handheld,Can't Sync
Incident Management,Hardware,Desktop,Disk
Incident Management,Hardware,Desktop,Memory
Incident Management,Hardware,Desktop,Network
Incident Management,Hardware,Desktop,PC Personality
Incident Management,Hardware,Desktop,Backup
Incident Management,Hardware,Desktop,Office
Incident Management,Hardware,Printer,Jammed
Incident Management,Hardware,Printer,Other
Incident Management,Hardware,Printer,Out of Toner

Kindest Regards,


Incident Management.txt 2.97 KB

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In my 7.5 system, period/dot is the delimeter. Was the same for 7.1 SP2 as well. Not sure why mine would be different as I never changed that (not that I can recall anyway). Not sure you even can change it. I can also verify that fore slashes ("/") are allowed in classifications as well.

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Manually entering the classifications through the portal will allow for the use of periods, commas, and forward slashes in the classification names. However if you export your classifications it will be saved as a comma delimited file.

The import process is also expecting a comma delimited file. So if you wish to build your classification list outside of the portal you should follow the example provided by CNWilliams.