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Whitelist from scan (Malware, Spam, Content) - Symantec Messaging Gateway

Created: 17 Mar 2014 • Updated: 18 Mar 2014


I have a problem to whiltelist some domain for scanning malware, spam, content.  what i did as below....

  1. Create new policy group for that domain such as (
  2. In Malware policy, I create new policy to bypass all content filtering, Bypass spam scanning follow by my conditions, then apply with that policy group.

The result is my mail was in default rule in default policy

The question is....

  • Is the malware policy work in Top-down order?

              If it top-down

                       How to set the ordering of malware policy?

                       If it match with the rule it will continue to scan another mail or not?

  • There is another way to set whilelist as mention above?

Thank you


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