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Whitelisting my application (ISV)

Created: 03 Jan 2014 • Updated: 15 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
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I have an application I created that I've made an MSI installer for to be installed off of the web. I want to whitelist this application so I don't get false positives. There are three components of course to this installer.

1. Setup.exe.

2. The MSI package (installer.msi ...).

3. The actual executable that gets installed (app.exe).

Which of these component(s) do I register in the whitelist request form (with the SHA and file size and everything else)?

I'm assuming it's setup.exe as this starts the whole installation process, but do I need to register other components (the actual executable that is installed)?

Thanks for your help!

Jon Fernandez

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Hi Jonfernandez,

Please clarify that on which tools you want to whitelist the above mentioned software.

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Thanks for getting back to me. I'm not sure what you mean by tools, but here's the exact link to the page I'm using for the white-list request:

If you're referring to my application, my application is a simple dialog box app that displays colors mixing and is meant as a reward for a CrowdFunding project. This application is wrapped up into a windows installer (MSI). My basic question is - what installation component do I whitelist (or all of them)?


Jon Fernandez

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Send all relevant files to them. Is something in particular being detected from them currently?

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Yes you can submit all software releated files   Software developer would like to add his/her software to the Symantec White-List.
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See this thread

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Just so you know, it looks like you only need to WhiteList the setup.exe. Setup.exe will load the MSI file (install.msi) which will install the actual application I want to install (app.exe). Once I was successfully whitelisted (just the setup.exe) I didn't get any complaints with the MSI and application file as long as I had the setup.exe WhiteListed. That's really the way it should work. Good job Symantec!