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Not all email`s were marked as spam by antivirus\antispam SMSME v.7!

Created: 12 Feb 2013 • Updated: 13 Feb 2013 | 3 comments

Strange and interesting things happen with my anti-spam ...

A few days ago noticed a strange thing, I will try to briefly describe the problem:
For example:
1) comes 10 are exactly the same spam message (with the same address, the same Subject, the same content.) Such as Subject: "This is spam"
2) 7 random emails AntiSpam, marked as spam, and sends them to a special address.
3) The remaining three letters are throu spam intact. But fall under the transport rule on EDGE server, which only adds to the string keyword (Transport_Rule ***), and sends these messages to the same special address.
At this point, we have Subject: Transport_Rule *** "This is spam"
4) at the time the e-mail where sending, antispam understand that this is spam e-mail, it appends to this Subject: EDGE_Antispam and forwards to the same special email address.
 So here we have the subject line EDGE_Antispam Transport_Rule *** "This is spam"
And  here is the question :) Why not just marked all 10 email messages as spam at the begining? 
It turns out that I need in addition to antispam configure additional transport rules, and creating more pressure on the server.
So if I have something do not specify in additional transport rules,  than some of spam email messages freely enters the organization.

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Leonid Mitrofanov's picture

Here is screenshot how does it looks like in my mailbox. 

When the yellow marker in the begining of the row then symantec doesnt mark it as spam.

Иut if yellow marker is in the middle of the row them symantec mark it only after my rule forward it to the quarantine mailbox.

и какой идиот минусует мои сообщения???  

Symantec )).PNG