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Whole Disk Encryption Question

Created: 09 Jun 2011 | 2 comments

I have a desktop and a laptop computer with a wireless router that has a USB H/D attached to the back of the router. The desktop is hard wired to the router and I use a cable modum. The PGP Desktop Pro 10.2 is installed on my laptop plus my laptop has wireless access.

Is it possible to encrypt the hard drives on my desktop or the USB H/D connected to the wireless router from my laptop using the PGP Desktop 10.2?

If the answer is no, do you have a product that would allow me to encypt the other H/D's?


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Hi Bulldog101,

It is not possible to encrypt your USB HDD by PGP Desktop Professional (PGP Whole Disk Encryption) because it is connected through network.

USB HDD needs to be physically connected to PC with USB cable to encrypt it.

One possible solution would be to use PGP NetShare that allows you to transparently encrypt/decrypt files on shared network storage.


Daichi Terada, CISSP

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you need one(1) license per seat to encrypt the HDD. That is, you can't encrypt a "remote" HDD but only the HDD attached to the machine for which you have a valid PGP license.

If you do not need encryption for your e-mail I could recommend to use “PGP Storage”. This includes WDE (Whole Disk Encryption) and NetShare functionality.

We have a multi-seat license for the PGP Storage and have deployed WDE on all laptop/desktop built-in disks. On the machine acting as fileserver we have deployed NetShare, which enables secure and authorize only sharing of files across the network. The Netshare areas are on a WDE disk on the fileserver machine.

All transparent for the end-user and quite secure.