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Why does WDE 10.2 take 3x the time to encrypt compared to 10.0?

Created: 27 Oct 2011 | 1 comment

Recently upgraded to 3.2MP1 Universal Server & 10.2 client and we are seeing a large disparity between the times it takes WDE 10.0 to encrypt a disk compared to 10.2. It is especially horrible when comparing the encryption of platter based hard drives as before it would take 7-8hrs and now it is taking 21+.

The tests were run using an HP 2560 elitebook w/ an SSD drive as well as an HP 8510p using a traditional platter hard drive.

Is there any reason why 10.2 takes so long? Using same encryption (AES 256) in both cases.

Are there any settings I can adjust?

What gives?

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Julian_M's picture

Update disk / SATA / SDD drivers.

Close all unncesesary application, especially security applications.

In the disk encryption window, you can check the option "Maximum cpu usage"

You may want to check disks health.

Try to do overnight so all hardware resources are exclusively dedicated to encryption.

You might want to check BIOS settings for hard disks.

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