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Why doesn't my client-side migration enabling automated email get sent?

Created: 19 Feb 2014 | 13 comments


We are performing client-side migration of PSTs; I enabled about 50 pilot users this morning and no one got their automatic email that EV is supposed to send when their mailbox is enabled. It has sent in the past, so I'm confused as to what's gone awry.

I have modified the message and it exists here: "e:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EnablePSTMigrationMessage.msg"

PST migration is working because they are getting the automatic message that tells them their PSTs were successfully ingested.

Thank you in advance.

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JesusWept3's picture

Can you dtrace AgentClientBroker and see what results you get?

you should see something like

<7476> EV:M {CAgentExchSynch::SynchronizeMailboxEntryV9:#1091} PSTImportEnabled Message file : [E:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EnablePSTMigrationMessage.msg]
<7476> EV:M {CAgentExchSynch::SynchronizeMailboxEntryV9:#1100} Sending User Message that PST Import enabled
<7476> EV:M {CAgentExchSynch::SynchronizeMailboxEntryV9:#1112} Finished synchronizing [/o=myOrg/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=username]

Normally I would have said its a Send On Behalf As issue but because the completion emails get sent, not sure

NaturesRevenge's picture

As usual, JW3 led me in the right direction. :)

378 12:04:20.727 [7268] (AgentClientBroker) <10976> EV:M Not sending the message (E:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EnableMailboxMessage.msg) because the mailbox is already enabled

These mailboxes may have been originally enabled and then disabled, but it was at least two years ago. I'm sure there's something that can be done with a SQL query to clear a value somewhere, but I'm not sure it's worth the stress that accompanies a maneuver like that.

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UPDATE ExchangeMailboxEntry
SET EnabledPSTImport = 0 
WHERE MbxDisplayName = 'My User'

Or if you wanted to disable everyone

UPDATE ExchangeMailboxEntry
SET EnabledPSTImport = 0

NaturesRevenge's picture

Thank you for the query. I will probably use that. 

I misspoke when reading the DTRACE. The Agent Client Broker also picks up normal archiving chatter. What I captured was the notice that the archiving enabling message wouldn't be sent because it was already enabled. I'll have DTRACE continue to watch as I enable someone randomly for client-side PST migration.

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Well what i would do is this

DTrace AgentClientBroker
Enable someone for PST Migration
Stop the DTrace.
Find the string "Sending User Message that PST Import enabled"
Find the PID Number to the left (like <794>)
Then if you use something like TextPad, do a search for <794> and press Bookmark lines
then right click and select "Copy all bookmarked lines"
Paste in to a new document, and that thread should be isolated JUST to that user enablement for PST Migrations

NaturesRevenge's picture

Yeah, this is exactly what I was doing in Notepad++. Here are the lines of interest:

10719 12:17:45.952 [7268] (AgentClientBroker) <11040> EV:M {CAgentExchSynch::SynchronizeMailboxEntryV9:#1093} PSTImportEnabled Message file : [E:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\EnablePSTMigrationMessage.msg]
10720 12:17:45.952 [7268] (AgentClientBroker) <11040> EV:M {CAgentExchSynch::SynchronizeMailboxEntryV9:#1102} Sending User Message that PST Import enabled
10741 12:17:47.855 [7268] (AgentClientBroker) <11040> EV:M CAgentExchSynch::SendUserMessage - Call to SendUserMessage Failed [0x80070005]|
10742 12:17:47.855 [7268] (AgentClientBroker) <11040> EV:H {CAgentExchSynch::SynchronizeMailboxEntryV9} HRXEX fn trace : Error [0x80070005], [.\AgentExchSynch.cpp, lines (16){...,837,841,847,869,873,926,927,931,1019,1044,1088,1104}, built Jun 29 21:09:35 2012].
10743 12:17:47.855 [7268] (AgentClientBroker) <11040> EV:L {CExchangeAdvancedPolicy::~CExchangeAdvancedPolicy:#44} Destructing policy object.
JesusWept3's picture

hmmm so thats access denied

can you do us a favor, can you check the MSG file and see if its trying to send from a mailbox that isn't the system mailbox? also check that you have Send On Behalf As on your system mailbox for that particular task

NaturesRevenge's picture

What I'm most confused about is that the PST migration completion messages send just fine. Perhaps something is indeed wrong with the MSG file itself.

JesusWept3's picture

dead simple test, log on to the EV Server as your EVAdmin
Create an Outlook Profile for the System Mailbox its trying to send from
With Outlook open, open the MSG file
put your name in the To line and hit send, see if Outlook lets you send the message

NaturesRevenge's picture

I believe I may have it figured out. We have the main EV service account. We also have two system mailbox service accounts - one for each of the two Exchange 2010 mailbox servers that participates in our DAG. The EV service account has the necessary send as permissions to both of these system mailboxes, but there were no Outlook profiles setup on the EV server where the PST tasks are located.

When I setup Outlook profiles for these system mailboxes, and opened them as the EV service accounts, there were all my "enabling" messages, just sitting there. I believe now that I have the profiles created, any subsequent client-side migration enabling will result in a successful automated message. I'll test and return and report.

NaturesRevenge's picture

Even with the profiles created, the "enabling" message just sits in the inbox of the system mailbox. It's weird - if I have the mailbox profile open in Outlook, I see the message show up when I enable a mailbox, but it will not send automatically. I have to open the message and click SEND. So it's sort of automatic, but not really. :)

JesusWept3's picture

thats bizarro, so the permission denied isn't creating the message, its the sending of it
but you can send without error

I know this is gonna sound stupid, but can you backup that message, copy the PST Enable message from the languages folder and paste it in, don't make any changes, then enable yourself and see if that sends automatically without intervention?

NaturesRevenge's picture

Doesn't sound stupid at all! That is a legitimate test. I just performed it. I went back to the original install media and took that default MSG, copied it to the required location. The message sends just fine and then....sits there in the mailbox of the system service account. Having DTrace watch the agent broker doesn't provide anything. In fact, as far as it's concerned, its responsibility is done once the message sends - which it does. It just doesn't leave the mailbox of the system service account. Argh!