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Why is my adamm.log file 13GB?

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 20 Nov 2012 | 6 comments
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The file date is from 2/22/2012, which is before we migrated to this server, so I'm suspicous this is a left over file from the migration. 

C:\Program Files\Symantec\BACKUP EXEC\logs\adamm.log

Can I delete it?

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Basically Adamm log keeps on updating the latest entries for device and media related to backup exec if you wish to delete it then you will need to stop the Sql service for bkupexec and then delete the adamm log else it will not allow you to delete it

Once deleted please start SQl service and other Backup Exec services and new adamm file would be generated

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It is worth checking in SGMON.exe, select Tools --> Settings, Device and Media, and then make sure verbose logging is unchecked.

Other than that, as described the ADAMM.LOG should be updating all the time but can be deleted with the BE services stopped.

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Normally the adamm.log is size limited, I think it is limited to 1 MB.  Whenever BE services start, if the adamm.log is "too big", it gets renamed and a new file created.

Yes, you can delete or rename this file when BE services are stopped.

I am curious why this file is dated "2/22/2012".  Is that the date of the file?  Or the date of the oldest entry in the file?  Since this file gets written to every time BE starts services, a file with a date of 2/22/2012 would imply that the BE services have not been restarted since then.

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SGMon Verbose is already unchecked.

@Larry, that is the date of the file, last modified date to be specific. There are lots of %MachineName% - beengine##.log and %MachineName% - beremote##.log files dated every few weeks, so probably corresponds to machine reboots.  Did these log files have a default name change when I reinstalled on the new server?

It does sound like it's safe to delete, true?

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Here are the last few lines from the log:

SCSI: ==========================================================================
SCSI: CDB 05:00:01:00 Start 17:01:59.028 End 17:01:59.028 Duration 0.000000
SCSI: Function                                SRB_FUNCTION_EXECUTE_SCSI
SCSI: 17 00 00 00 00 00                               ......
SCSI: CDB Operation                           RELEASE_UNIT
SCSI:  LUN                                    0
SCSI:  3rd Party                              False
SCSI:  3rd Party Device ID                    0
SCSI:  Control                                0x00
[6196] 02/21/12 17:01:59.808 Adamm Log Stopped!

[7280] 02/21/12 17:02:00.339 PvlMoverSession::Release()
       Job = {B03559DE-DBFC-4DB1-8AD2-E810C97C8381} "@DataDiff"
       Drive  = {87C16891-D41D-4D02-9A4D-E5E5E21742DF} "LTO2"
       Media  = {C2BE3F04-2377-4857-9E02-B313DEFC3174} "LTO10107"
       Error: The session has been prematurely released!

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I would delete it, with BE services stopped.

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