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Why no Symantec presence for Windows phone 8.x

Created: 02 Aug 2014 | 2 comments
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Is Microsoft claim true for Tigher security layers and iron grip control over apps and Operating system on windows phone 8.x 

No antivirus needed.

NO MDM support from symantec for windows phone 8.x (big surprise ... windows do need MDM.. or is symantec still figuring over all market share for smartphones and OS platforms.)

Windows do have more than 2 OEM now... and if microsoft claim stands true for no third party security which is boon for end users ... so symantec pls do look after windows family...

Windows 8.1 did open up for workplace account and VPN support which is great news for enterprises.

PS : this is personal feedback .. i have used multiple devices from multiple OS platforms.. (iOS , android , windows and blackberry). 

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WIndows phone 8.1 is planned for our next release in Sept. 2014

We have big plans for WIndows devices as they warm up in the market.

The numbers are few still in the market today (North America low - higher in other regions).