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Why use full SQL over SQL Express

Created: 06 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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are there any hard and fast rules of when i should be using an off-box sql installation for the be database, rather than using sql express?

I realise that sql expess is somewhat limited in the size of the DB it can store but i'm wondering if there are other limits or reasons as to why i would use another installation of sql over sql express. 

thanks for any pointers


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Yes when you use SQl Express the size is limited to 4 gb , but backup exec database doesn't require a large space so they ship the cut down version SQL which is SQL express ,so as per best practisces it is good to use the SQL provided that is Express version ,but again if you have any company policy to use the FUll License version you can use that too.

Hope that helps



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The recommended practice is to use the default SQL Express installation which is installed on the media server.  This minimises any communication problems between BE and its database.  If you do want to use a full-blown SQL, make sure that BE has its own instance because occasionally, the BEDB may need to be restarted or stopped.  Sharing the BEDB with a production instance will interfere with the production instance.

BEDB SQL instance should not share a SQL instance with other applications

Very rarely would installations hit the size limit of SQL Express.

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some large CASO/ESO implementations might need a larger SQL capability but other than that SQL Express (not shared with any other applications) is the recommended pratice.

Whilst off-box is supported, partly because of the recommendation to not share an instance there are very few reasons to go with an off-box SQL setup for the BEDB as such much better to leave in a local instance to keep things simple.