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Why we need to ping test for SP array IP address before the MirrorView resource online

Created: 18 Apr 2013 • Updated: 06 May 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

IHAC who uses MirrorView agent(MirrorView.6.0.03100.0.Windows, download from  ) for SFWHA6.0.1. After configured the MirrorView resource, it can’t be online because the SP array IP ping is denied. So I commented out the ping code. Then it works.  But we encounter the same problem with MirrorViewSnap agent. So now questions come to us

  1. Why we need to ping test before the MirrorView resource online? What’s the purpose and what does it do? (for example run NaviCLI or NaviSECCLI to get EMC storage status..etc)
  1. After comment out the ping code, online and offline looks fine. (customer so far hasn’t done the DR test) But if there is any potential effects?
  1. If it is necessary to ping SP array IP address for any function we don't think of, please let us know. We will ask user to modify firewall policy.

Any comments are really appreciated!

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Comment out the ping code


for($i=0; $i<$numLocalarraySPNames; $i++){

        #if (&PingTest($LocalarraySPNames[$i])) {

         #   VCSAG_LOG_MSG("N", "Local array SP $LocalarraySPNames[$i] is unreachable.", 1, $LocalarraySPNames[$i] );

        #} else {

            $arrayname = $LocalarraySPNames[$i];






    for($i=0; $i<$numRemotearraySPNames; $i++){

    #    if (&PingTest($RemotearraySPNames[$i])) {

     #       VCSAG_LOG_MSG("N", "Remote array SP $RemotearraySPNames[$i] is unreachable.", 2, $RemotearraySPNames[$i] );

      #  } else{

            $remotearray = $RemotearraySPNames[$i];




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It would be better to ask such questions of developer team directly.

I guess ping is used to check if SP is alive before trying to connect to it.

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Don't suggest modify script .Better ask dev to do that.

If the answer has helped you, please mark as Solution.

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Hi starflyfly,

Thanks for your suggestion.I've escalate the case to BL.