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Wildcard within filter expressions in reports

Created: 07 Mar 2013 • Updated: 08 Mar 2013 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I'm attempting to exlude servers from my report by using a filter. I'm a newbie so, please bare with me. 

I have created the filter throgh advanced settings and it looks like this:

Base Query Filters


                                 -{0}: Equals (this one I use for pulling active nodes)

                                 -{1}: NotEqualTo

                                                        -{0} [Operating System Windows].[Name}

                                                        -{1} (this is where I'm stuck. The type is Text but Value is my trouble)

I can make it work by adding more filters and changing the Text Value to different Server OS but that is time consuming. 

In windows, when I'm looking for something adding * before the word and after pulls everything with that string in my search. How do I make the Altiris do this?

Operating Systems:

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Yes. Tried with it only in the beginning after that failed, tried with both, beginning and end

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So you're looking for a report that lists your computers and excludes those with a Server OS?

Personally I haven't used the report builder since NS6 days and now do nearly all of my report or filter writing directly in SQL.

This SQL code will show a list of computers that do not contain "server" in their OS Name:

SELECT * from vComputer

Where vComputer.[OS Name] NOT LIKE '%Server%'

I know it's not exactly what you're looking to do but a lot of times creating SQL-based reports or filters will get you what you want a lot quicker.

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Thanks Hightower. I didn't have that option "Not Like" but I found the way acutally another way thanks to your suggestion that got me thinking and came up with this:

Base Query Filters




                                 -{0}: Field - Operating System Windows. Name

                                 -{1}: %Server%

Works like a charm!