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will be2012 remember the set of backups in the media set on the tape after OOP Time?!

Created: 05 Feb 2013 • Updated: 09 Feb 2013 | 6 comments
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Hello at all,

I have a question because of writing full and incremental backup jobs with of multiple server to one media set for tapes. The following scenario is
...that the OPP time is set up to 12 months in the media set

...multiple Server writes to the media set
...the full backup jobs are once a week and
...the incremental jobs are daily
...12 tapes belongs to the the media set

...everytime the tapes are full written in this partition for this media set will be changed against new once.

Will the BE 2012 Backup Server know which tapes belongs to the set of full and incremental jobs on the tapes and give the tapes free to override after a year (there is no disk storage or that are deduplication jobs which are already deleted after a few days)? I mean, will the program know where the last set of full and icremental backups are on which tape, so it will show me which once I can use again after a year? something like the Data Lifecycle Management for tapes not for disk storage?!

greetings aiko

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Kiran Bandi's picture

You can see the tapes those are not online under "Offline Tape/Disk Cartridge Medias" section under Storage view. This list includes, media set it belongs to, media label, Protection details also. So, you can get an idea which tapes are re-usable after looking at this list.


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Thanks, but that mean. The user has to get an idea the be2012 is not doing it alone and remembering which was the last set of backup for the server on the media set. full + inc+inc+inc on different tapes...??

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It does remember. But it will not tell you "these particular tapes are expired and are offsite and can be overwritten".

If you want to see which tapes are required to restore a server to an year back, make use of "Media Required for Recovery" report, where you can get the details for a specific time and report also displays when those particular medias can be overwritten.

Hope this is what you are looking for...

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The re-use of the tape is controlled by the OPP.  Since your OPP is set to 1 year, BE will be able to re-use the tape 1 year after the last job has written onto it.  BE does not care which job last write to the tape.  It is just concerned with the date and time the last job ended.  The OPP start from this date and time.

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For tapes backup Exec only uses the media set rules and does not use DLM rules

What this means is that if you do a full backup to TAPE with 12 month OPP and then do incremental backups to TAPE with 12 month OPP that are based on the full then the full can be overwritten before the later incrememntals that are linked to it.

However just because the full set can be overwritten before the dependent incrementals, does not mean that BE will lose the records of the full data immediately on the 12 month anniversary - the catalog files that show you what data is on a tape only get removed in 2 ways

1) if the tape in question is overwritten (it obviously has to be back from your vault and back in the library for this to happen)

2) If you have configured to truncate catalogs on a specific timescale.

And the inventory record for the tape itself only gets remoevd if you manaully take action inside the console