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Will EV support mixed mode on Netapp filers?

Created: 17 Dec 2010 | 1 comment

We would like to use EV9.0 to do archiving, but were told that EV does not support mixed mode access on Netapp filers?  Is this on the roadmap?

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This is something we would like to support, however while access to placeholders through the CIFS interface may work, access through the NFS interface will not. Here’s why: When we create a placeholder we set the CIFS ‘O’ (offline) attribute. With fpolicy we can register against CIFS for read and delete requests for offline files only. No requests for non-archived files will come to EV. NFS does not recognise the CIFS ‘O’ attribute. So fpolicy does not give us any mechanism to register for actions on offline files only. So if we were to support NFS client access we would have to register for all read and all delete requests for archived and non-archived files. This would be a performance killer for the end-user/application, so we have not implemented. We require a better fpolicy interface on the NFS side from NetApp before we can support here.

If a competitor is claiming full placeholder support on the NFS interface, you should be aware of the performance impact that this is going to generate for them. Symantec would rather provide a good end-user experiance, rather than implement a substandard solution. Symantec has requested better interfaces from NetApp so that we can implement an optimal placeholder experiance on the NFS interface.