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Will Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 work on Server 2012

Created: 08 Oct 2013 | 11 comments

Has anyone attempted to run Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 on Windows 2012?  Did it work?  Any hiccups.  

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There have been many postings by users with Windows Server 2012  but it would help if you can clarify whether you are using the original or R2 release, and whether you are familiar with the changes to user account validation and protocol support that came with R2 especially.

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Server 2012 R2 x64.

I'm aware of the 2008 R2 issues but not with 2012.  Anything you can point me to would be great.  I searched this forum before posting and didn't find any guidance.

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Apologies - I had a senior moment and read Server 2012 as Server 2008.  I cannot think of any users who have posted about Server 2012, so I'll leave it to others to voice any experiences.

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Imaging should work as long as the file system is NTFS.Before you image check whether the machine uses UEFI for BIOS.If so try the latest patches for UEFI,

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It isnt really the imaging the server 2012 that I'm worried about.  Can it deploy win 7 images, can it run the automated tasks on win 7.  I see GSS2.5 lists 2008 (which currently Im running in R2) but moving servers to a 2012 R2 x64 server. 

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GSS 2.5.1 is not fully tested with Server 2012,but no major issues reported by users who are actualy running the application on Server 2012.

Atiquated 3Com boot services works on Server 2012 and that makes me believe that GSS 2.5.1 will.

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Hi Everyone! We just rolled out a Windows server 2012 R2 and we're testing Ghost 2.5. i'm having problems connecting using a Ghost boot disk that was created from version 2.5 i keep getting Error 53 (DNS) We checked and tested and i seem i cant resolve it. we were fine before on the previous server which was running Windows 2008 R2 Standard. I also came accorss that Windows server 2012 doesn't support NetBio. Any Help is a Big Help. Thanks!

Thank You, MoMoNow

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Go back to the platform that worked. Simple as that.

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Until right now, does ghost 11.5 or 11.5.1 (tools from suite) work fine in Windows 2012 R2 version?

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I'm running great on 2012 R2.  There were issues, had to setup DNS properly.  Ghost had to resolve names in DNS.

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I did try to install a GSS client to a Windows 2012r2 server, but didn't have much luck when attempting a console image.

The system moaned about installing the client saying that it was unsupported but might work, and this then connected back to the Console OK. However, when it came to copy the pre boot partition, it just didn't. I gave up and ran an image manually from an WinPE enviroment from an ISO.

Even though the machines are based on BIOS booting and not UEFI, looks like we may still require the patch mantioned above. However, our maintenace has now lapsed so we are looking to tools such as MDT and WDS.