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Win 7 Image Issue on Dell T3500,T5400,optiplex 780 DS 6.9 SP5

Created: 05 Feb 2013 • Updated: 05 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


This is my first post and hopefully one of many more as I take on Altiris 6.9 DSsmiley

I have have scoured these forums most of the day and now have come to the point to ask for help!

I have inherited a site DS that works for most of the time, in delpoying OS and Apps.

We only Deploy Win 7 SP1 both x86 and x64 and are a Dell environment.

To the point, when deploying to Optiplex 790, and Latitudes (notebooks) E series, our job runs without fault.

Deploying the exact same job to a Precision T3500 and Optiplex 780 the jobs halts when trying to log on to Windows for the first time as the local admin account.

Our answer file specifies a second local admin account, on the 790 and Latitudes, this isnt a problem. the image is loaded, system boots to this account then runs the next part of the job which is "modify configuration" adding the machine to the domain.

The T3500 etc.. halts at the logon screen with "wrong username or password" and is waiting for credentials for "Administrator" not the account we have specified in the Answer file.

If I am watching the bulid in person, I can switch accounts, login with the second admin account, the next job runs immediately, reboots as it should and carries on with the rest of the bulid.

This is not ideal when rebuliding machines remotely or from another site!!

As these jobs all use the same image for the workstations, I am baffled where it could be going wrong.

The NIC is loading correctly in Win PE hence I can get this far.

I cannot speculate any further.

Win 2008R2, DS6.9 SP5 and WinPe2.1

I am sure there will be lots of trial and errors coming up but am looking forward to learning a trick or two on the way.

Hoping you can help guys!!!


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You might want to check the PANTHER folder for any possible errors during MiniSetup that might modify how the unattend is followed/executed. It's in the Windows folder and there are at least two error logs in there that might help you find out what went wrong.

That's where I'd start anyway.

Thomas Baird
Enthusiast for making things better!

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Spot on.

Scouring through the logs lead to an error that PNPUnattend.exe could not find the drivers in symantec\retarget.

Further searching on this lead me to an updated version of Deploy Anywhere and a great article on understanding how DA works.


The build process is now once again flawless after replacing the executable.

Thanks for the quick response and hope to cross paths again soon :D

Please be gentle - I am new to this!!