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Win7 Pro x64 + Ghost 11.5.1 + UEFI

Created: 13 Aug 2012 | 4 comments

I have a number of Alienware Aurora R4's I need to ghost for a classroom lab setup. The machines have 2x 2TB HDD's in RAID0 (zero). Because of this I have to put the computer in UEFI mode as Legacy will not work being that the array is over 3TB and will not boot with a MBR.

I can Ghost the computer no problem using the x64 version of Ghost 11.5.1 but when I reapply the image the machine boots to a status error of 0xc0000225 (The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible). I see according to the KB article ( that Ghost does not support EFI/UEFI (REALLY?!) setups.

Does anyone know of ANY (Ghost or not) way to image machines that are set up like this?

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You could try using the Microsoft imagex.exe that comes with WinPE.

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Does a legacy mode is available in the BIOS? If yes you could try it that way.

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Just changing the mode to legacy under BIOS would not make any difference to the OS on the disk .The disk is still a GPT disk.Only reinstalling OS after choosing legacy will convert the disk to MBR.In this case Ghost is not a solution as long as you work with GPT disks

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I have gotten this to work on some computers.

First, I installed as usual.

1: In the BIOS, select CD/DVD as first priority, hard drive C as second (don't select any UEFI device).
2: Insert Windows DVD and boot from it.
3: Select to install Windows 7, click shift and F10 in the next dialog Window.
4: Use diskpart to actually create and format just one large partition.
5: Close command prompt and install Windows + drivers and add whatever you want to add.
6: Boot on bootable media with Ghost.
7: When cloning, use these ekstra switches: -ntexact -ib
    (should also be used when restoring)
8: After cloning, use -ntexact switch when restoring to other client computers.

I have gotten this to work on a large classroom with Lenovo computers and Windows 7 x64. It didn't work on a Lenovo server though. So I only sell Fujitsu servers now, they can also be cloned (no UEFI so far...).