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Window 7 Service Pack 1

Created: 18 Mar 2013 | 4 comments


We are running Altiris Patch Management 7.1 SP2 and we are trying to deploy Windows 7 SP1 to a few machines that are missing it. I have downloaded, staged and deployed it to a few test machines and none of them are downloading the service pack. It has been downloaded on the site server and shows up on the Software Updates tab with a status of pending. I have given the update 2 days to download on the workstation and it still shows up as pending. I downloaded the Service Pack on a workstation from the site server and manually ran it and it installed without issue. We have deployed service packs to a few servers without issue so I am not sure why this is not working. Any idea?


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Use the Remote Altiris Agent Diagnostics (RAAD) tool to check the logs on ann affected machine:

Authorised Symantec Consultant (ASC) with Endpoint Management Limited, an Authorised Symantec Delivery Provider based in the UK.

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Thanks andykn101 I will try that. I have remote access to a machine and it just downloaded an installed additional patches but does not download the KB976932.


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Ok I ran the RAAD tool and it says that the update is "Not Currently Applicable". I am not sure where to go from here as the machine is missing the service pack

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Rarely the RAAD tool fails to reflect the same as the Agent GUI > Software Update Tab; RDP to one of the clients and confirm status 'Pending' or 'Not Currently Applicable'

Keep in mind the 'Pending' status is generally associated with the Software Update Plug-in failing to obtain all necessary policies/items required to set 'Scheduled' status for the update.

  • Ensure there is enough disk space on the client for the SP1 package
  • Ensure there is only one 'Default Software Update Plug-in' policies targeting the client, for if there are multiple, it can cause issues with Pending status.
  • Ensure the client doesn't need a reboot detailed on KM: TECH127365

These are but a few checks; be sure to search the KM system for Pending status, for there is a myriad of reasons that can cause this state on clients.

Additionally, check the client logs for anything out of the oridinary

  • You may copy the client log files to the SMP; open the Log Viewer, stop / clear current logging, and open the client log files for a cleaner more interactive view.
  • Client logs should display the cause or provide a direction for further troubleshooting.