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windows 2000 server AOFO option

Created: 14 Oct 2013 • Updated: 15 Oct 2013 | 10 comments
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We are having Backup Exec 2010 R3 , with AOFO license.

we are trying to take backup of windows 2000 server.while creating backup job for this server which option do i need to select ?

- automatically select open file technology

-symantec volume snapshot provider (windows 2000 only)

I select Microsoft volume shadow copy services and below that Software -Microsoft Shadow copy services .

and also is it mandatory to install AOFO option on the remote server ?

Attached is the backup job with exception error.

Could you please help me understand this on AOFO.

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You need to install AOFO on the Windows 2000 machine and you need to use the Symantec VSP in your jobs . You cannot use the Microsoft VSS as this is not available on a Windows 2000 machine

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"Symantec VSP in your jobs" .

Just checking that option will suffice or we need to go to AOFO wizard below that and edit the settings.

But when i was on call with symantec tech ,he was saying you don't have to install AOFO on the remote server if we are having 2010 R3 media server.

I am confused here .please suggest .

Thanks .

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You can just enable AOFO and let it automatically select the technology.  It will then select VSP.  Do not manually select VSS because this is not available on Windows 2000.

The technician is definitely wrong in this case.  For Windows 2000, you need to install the AOFO option on the media server and then when you push out the remote agent to the Windows 2000 server, you need to push out the AOFO option together with the remote agent.  Trust me, I had backed up a Windows 2000 server with BE 2010.

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I tried installing the AOFO option via command prompt.

After that i checked to see if AOFO option is installed by checking the VSP.sys file in <system root>/system32/drivers ,but dinn't see the file in there.

even i checked in System Information, Software Environment under Drivers . but no luck.

Is there any other way to check the successfull installation of AOFO.

I started the backup job to check if the job completes with exception again.


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I think you are confused here.

You enable the AOFO option in BE so that you can use AOFO.  This option is the facility to use AOFO.

The AOFO option also refers to a separate component which is available when you push out remote agents to remote servers.  This option will install the Symantec VSP with uses vsp.sys as a kernel-mode driver on the remote server.  You do NOT push out or install the AOFO option (VSP) on Window 2003 or higher OS because it is not needed.  These OSes use VSS for volume snapshot.

The AOFO option needs be select when pushing out the remote agent to the Windows 2000 server.  This will automatically install VSP.  There is no separate process to install VSP.  If VSP is not installed correctly, then when you select AOFO in your job to back up a Windows 2000 machine, the job will not be able to snapshot the volume and there would be error messages or job failures.

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Ok .. thanks pkh.

So,if push install doesn't work ,we can go for manual installation.. right?

when i tried to push install i got this error

"Error connecting to the remote server. Ensure the server is available, has WMI enabled, and is not blocked by a firewall. 1603".


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If you do a manual install, then you need to install the RAWS and the AOFO option.  This is two separate installations.

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Windows Server 2003 and above has VSS where BE uses the VSS snapshot capability to snapshot the server and back it up. Here you do not need AOFO installed. Pkh is correct, as is every Admin Guide...AOFO needs to be installed in Windows 2000 Server to backup open files.


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Hello CraigV,

yeah .. first i installed the RAWS agent and later installed AOFO via command prompt and restarted server.

but i am not able to confirm whether AOFO is successfully installed or not ?


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Do the following:

 To check if AOFO is installed:

  1. Open Computer Management
  2. Click System Tools - System Information - Software Environment - Drivers.
  3. Select any driver listed in the right pane and press the "V" key on the keyboard.
  4. Look for the driver vsp.sys, which is the Volume Snapshot Provider Kernel Driver. This should be started

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