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Backing up system state.

Created: 18 Oct 2013 • Updated: 23 Oct 2013 | 3 comments
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Can we backup System drive ( C drive ) and system state ,if we don't have AOFO installed on the server ?

Actually we have a windows 2000 server without AOFO installed on it .

For 2003 and above servers we can backup system state and system drives even if there is no AOFO installed on the server as we can select Microsoft Volume Shadow copy provider in backup job properties while creating a job.

How the open file technology works? how the software knows if a file is in open state or not ?


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Without AOFO, any opened file cannot be backed up because it is locked by some other software.  You will get a lot of errors.  This is similiar to the situation where you open a Word document and then try to save another document with the same name.

To overcome this file locking, a volume snapshot is needed. Windows 2000 does not have any volume snapshot facility.  For BE, this is provided by the AOFO option which when you install on the Windows 2000 machine will provide the Symantec VSP to do the snapshots.  For Server 2003 onwards, Microsoft provide VSS with the OS, hence you do not need to install the AOFO option to get the snapshot facility.

You can back up the system state on your Windows 2000 machine without AOFO, but it would be incomplete due to the absence of opened files in the system state backup.  An incomplete system state is as good as useless because you would not be able to recover a server with it.

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thanks pkh.

is it the same with system drive and file server backups ?

why am is asking is ,in the selection list if we select system drive ( C drive ) ,it also comes under the open file section ..right ?

what about the file server data i.e., shared folders data. if we take backup after business hours will that do backup without selecting the AOFO option ?

thanks again.

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What I said earlier applies to all files.  Without AOFO, any opened file will not be backed up.

If the data resides on a NAS which does not have AOFO, then it is the same thing.  Any opened file will not be backed up