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Windows 2008 Cluster restore

Created: 30 Jul 2012 | 4 comments


Could someone please share the steps involved to restore windows 2008 cluster not netbackup cluster.



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What is clustered on the Windows cluster? Filesystem? SQL? Exchange?

How are backups done for the clustered data?

How are backups done for non-clustered data?

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Tricky one with Clusters - especially as sometime the Quorum Disk insists on its digital signature being the same as the original - if this ocurrs google it as you can do a registry change to put that right

In many respects it is pretty much like any other restore, plus the shared disks plus the Quorum ...

Restore the one node (build the node and do a full restore), restore the quorum (this tech note may help :,restore the second node, restore the shared disks.

Obviously during this process all hardware and disk must be made available for the restores to take place.

Sure someone will be along with more details soon but this is the basics - the most important part of this is the System State (Shadow Copy Components in 2008)

Hope this helps

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it is a file server. Restoring system state doesnt restore CLUSDB file which is stopping the cluster to start. I did initiate the restore on the node which owns the quorum disk, however i'm not successful. Will give it a try tomorrow and update you all