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Windows 7 and Ghost

Created: 26 Jun 2009 | 17 comments

Has anyone tried using Ghost to make an image of a Windows 7 RC system yet?   I was wondering if it works with any of them and what version.

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Officially Windows 7 is not supported yet. However in our earlier tests we had no noticable problems cloning Windows 7 since it is based on Vista model and GSS supports Vista cloning from 2.0 (ghost 11.0) onwards.

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I failed to clone Windows 7 with GSS 2.5! The message was "Cloning via Volume Snapshot failed. Use ghost error file to determine the cause."

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I beg the forum's forgiveness in advance. I'm not up to speed on all the acronyms I'm reading. I have a few questions I hope this forum can help with. My Norton Ghost 14 appears to be incompatible with Windows 7...

  •  Can I run it anyway (an offered option) to create simple backups onto an external hard drive?
  • When (or if, according to what I'm reading) an update comes out, will I just need to use the update feature in the product?
  • Am I wrong to feel like I'm being herded into buying yet another backup program?

Thanks for your clear responses.

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I have created an image with Windows 7 that uses sysprep and an answer file. If I push that image I'm successful. But if I push the image and add a configuration set so as to join it to our domain, the push fails. Not just that the domain join fails but that the whole image push fails. Any insight on this? I'm using Windows 7 RC1.

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I am doing to same testing too. Can I use my sysprep file that I created for Windows XP wihich worked fine, on Windows 7 bit RC Dell Optiplex 755?
Will I be able to deploy it to my other Dell Optiplex order system. Is Windows 7 Hal dependent?

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Does anyone know when symantec will be releasing a version of GSS that will support Windows 7?

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 During the process of Image creation,  the step (To Virtual Partition) Failed.
The event details:  The file system for this clients Virtual Partition could not be created or mounted

Any help in this regard would be really appreciated.


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Just to let you know I used to always swear by ghost due to the speed of being able to boot, load ghost and do a full drive backup in minutes, Windows 7 has been a challenge to do the same. After you had the bootmgr issue, so did I so tried all of the above with WinPE and other similar and although works fine was just too slow.

So after a few attempts it end up being quite simple. Using GHOST 11.5 to backup a 10gig OS drive (pre loaded with apps)

Ghost -split=2000

it does not work unless I split the image file but when I do its worked 100%, back to the old fast and faithful.

Hope this may help.

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same here, just upgraded to Windows 7 and getting the following message : "norton ghost 14.0 is incompatible with this version of Windows"

Dear Symantec, how many time until the release of a compatible solution? I just bought the licence for Norton Ghost, not really in a mood of changing backup software after 8 months of great satisfaction. 

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Hello Norton, 

still no news on this side? Would be great just to get an answer if you plan yes or no to have a compatibility? 

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Yogesh Sadhu.

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Norton Ghost is not a true Ghost and is not a Symantec Ghost - this forum is for Symantec Ghost or GSS support. For Norton Ghost your best bet is to post under "Backup exec system recovery" forum - both are based on the same techonology.

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Can someone please provide me with the full instruction on how to create an image to a win7 sys using ghostcast server. Thank you

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Hi people, try to use another software, Acronis Home, it will create the correct image, and you will be able to restore your system....but unfortunately the Acronis  isn't able to restore the image to disimilar hardware only under windows 7, with windows xp its simple perfect ! ! !

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I have used Norton Ghost 14.0 to make a drive image of a Windows 7 Professional installation.  When installing NG 14.0 I simply forge ahead when encountering the "this is incompatible" dialog.  I had no problems with the installation, but I also did not install the Recovery Point Browser or the Live Update options.  When running NG 14.0, I once again forge ahead on the "incompatible" dialog and proceed to make the image, entire drive with no incremental stuff.  I've done this both to a Toshiba laptop and a Shuttle shoe box pc.

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Hello, I am rather new to the IT field and I may not be familiar with all of the acronyms, but anyway, we have an employee that has a HDD going bad (according to Lenovo scans) so my boss wants me to image  new drive. I am using ghost 8.2, I have made an image of the "bad drive" and put the image on the new drive but when I put the new drive in the system all I get is a blinking cursor. I have been looking around and have found a couple of forums with people saying that ghost wont copy the MBR with Windows 7. Is this true? If so what program do you reccomend I use. If it is not true, what are your suggestions. I thank you for your time and your advice.

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