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windows 7 pcanywhere 9.5 in xp mode

Created: 18 Aug 2012

I need to connect to a computer running in DOS using the DOS version of pcanywhere.  My computer is windows 7 with an internal dial up modem.  I have a virtual computer running in xp mode on my windows 7 computer and I have the com port set to com 3 for my modem in windows 7.  I can not install pcanywhere 9.5 as it changes how windows starts up and the xp mode in windows 7 crashes when it is installed.  I installed pcanywhere 2.0, it can start the modem and make a call but will not connect to anything.  it will make the call, go thru all the noises to connect but then drops the call.  I have tried different lines and made calls to different computers but still get the same thing.  it is set to hayes compatible modem.  any ideas one how to:

1. get it to work as is

2. install pcanywhere 9.5 in winows xp modem for windows 7

3. install pcanywhere 9.5 in windows 7