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Windows 7 RC Client and SEP 11 MR4

Created: 08 Aug 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 22 comments
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I know Windows 7 hasn't officially been release however RC 1 is pretty stable and performs way better then Windows ME (Mistake) Woops.. I mean Vista...

I have about 10 Windows 7 clients on our network right now for testing.  I have a few issues with SEP11 and Window 7 maybe someone found a fix???

1.  If we install the package with Network Threat Protection the system crashes after reboot.  I remember Vista doing this back in the MR1 or MR2 days at another company I worked for.
2.  Without Network Threat Protection we can not take advantage of the Application Control which is a big big big issue.
3.  On all out clients LIve Update no longer works.  After the first boot the LiveUpdate client reports LiveUpdate start failed with error code -536805375.  I looked online for this issue and everything says to reinstall LiveUpdate or uninstall and reinstall only this and then that... but that just can't work very well since this is suppose to be an enterprise managed client.  Going to a machine to do this or that doesn't cut it.
4.  After about the 3 or 4th reboot on all our Windows 7 testing boxes both the Proactive Threat and the Anti-virus protection start to fail. 


Kris Turner

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Hi Kris

Windows 7 is not officially Released To Manufacturing from Microsoft, so SEP is not officially supported on Windows 7. SEP on Windows 7 will be supported only when it is released to production by Microsoft.

Thanks :-)


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Uhm Actually it IS officially RTM now, all MSDN and Technet subscribers have it. and even brands like NOD32 and AVAST already have Windows 7 versions out to the public.

Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Released to Manufacturing

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Well, that is too bad! We have had Windows 7 RTM since the 6th and have been testing on some clients in preparation for a move to W7 and Server 2008 R2.

SEP on W7 is a no go! Installation of MR4 causes instant crash as reported above.

Symantec must have done some testing with W7.... haven't they? I thought this release of SEP was supposed to be W7 friendly.....

The fact that W7 hasn't been released to retail customers doesn't mean we shouldn't be getting ready!

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Please check the following article for support of SEP on Windows 7. You can install SEP version MR4 and above on Windows 7 however Symantec does not provide support for that as of now.

Support for Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.4 on Microsoft Windows 7 Beta

Thanks :-)


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SEP MR4 can be installed on Windows 7. I am not sure why your system is crashing. Please follow the steps beelow to install SEP on Windows 7

To install MR4 on Windows 7
1. Copy the contents of the Symantec Endpoint Protection folder to your local hard drive or a network share.
2. Run LUSETUP.EXE to install LiveUpdate.
3. Restart the computer.
4. Run SETUP.EXE to install Symantec Endpoint Protection

Even symantec is aware that Windows 7 IS officially released. The Enterprise Edition was released on 6 august  to all Enterprise customers with Software assurance.

Above all SEP MR5 will be realesed in the first week of September and that will have full fledge support for Windows 7

MCT MCSE-2012 Symantec Technical Specialist (SCTS)

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Sorry, but we are using the latest release.

SEP does install, but then crashes the computer with a blue screen memory allocation violation. The only way to recover is to either reinstall W7 or use the Windows Install repair and use an earlier restore point.

Does this article imply that manually installing versus a "pushed" install makes a difference? I doubt it would.... but who am I?  

I remain extremely disappointed at with the W7 support at this time. The product has been released to manufacturing (RTM) and is available for admins to deploy and/or test. Symantec should be ahead of the curve on this, not behind it. Our ESET Enterprise products have been certified to work with W7 . . . .

Just my thoughts.

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Symantec has a public kb released on 12/04/2008 on Support for Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0.4 on Microsoft Windows 7 Beta

SEP MR5 will take care of all issues that you have with windows 7

MCT MCSE-2012 Symantec Technical Specialist (SCTS)

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Just so everyone understands here - it looks like we've got two things going on in this thread: beta and released Windows 7. 

For the Windows 7 beta users, the kb linked above is great.

However, one poster in this thread is not on Windows 7 beta.  Unlike what the Symantec employee posters have stated in this thread, Windows 7 has gone RTM and is available to download for people with TechNet and MSDN subscriptions:

I have downloaded it am running on it while typing this message.

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Just wanna to share my experience on SEP 11 MR4 MP2 and Windows 7 Professional RTM.

I have successfully installed the SEP on Windows 7 via the deployment method over the SEP management server.

However, the 'green' ball just appear a second, and then gone.

Will wait MR5 for further test.

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I have SEP MR4 MP2 successfully installed and running on two Windows 7 RTM laptops. In both cases, the only feature of SEP that I installed was the AV component. I did not include any of the other features (not even the e-mail scanning). I'm sure those other components might work fine, I just didn't want to chance it.

The only issue I'm having is the Action Center alert that SEP isn't reporting its status in a format Windows 7 understands. So I went into the Action Center and clicked the link to ignore antivirus warnings. My understanding is this issue is fixed in MR5.

Regarding support from Symantec...

My take is that--regardless of the slightly different things employees have posted here--they will not "officially" support SEP on Windows 7 until MR5 is released in September 2009. Unless a Symantec employee explicitly states otherwise, that's how I'm going to interpret the state of things. Meaning we're all "on our own" for any Windows 7 clients that we install SEP onto prior to the release of MR5. :-)


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Does anyone know when MR5 will be released?  This will become an import issue now that MSDN and Technet subscribers can download the final version of Windows 7 now.  It isn't going to be long until the Oct release date........


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We hope that it would releases in the first fornight of Sep,2009

MCT MCSE-2012 Symantec Technical Specialist (SCTS)

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I have gotten MR4 MP2 running pretty well on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, both the RC (build 7100) and Enterprise RTM.....but I have only gotten AV/AS/PT to install at all.  The 32-bit Enterprise RTM will install AV/AS/PT (using a group policy to push an install package exported from SEP Manager) but will not boot afterward.

I'm surprised and dismayed that Symantec is cutting it this close, especially with a product as complex as SEP.  SEP is probably the most important app to get tuned and running correctly and only having a few weeks to test it is not good at all.

At this point I have actually cancelled a small department-wide deployment because of this.  Perhaps I should test a solution from a vendor who is ready.

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I am now running Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600) and Symantec Endpoint Protection MR4 MP2 (Build 4202) on my main machine. As a Systems Administrator my desk machine is VITAL to the way I work. I am happy to report that W7 is superb, it hasn't hicoughed once - except for SEP 11!

I am happy to be patient and wait for the MR5 release - but it is now past the second week of September 2009 and tech support still don't know when this is due.

I work for an academic institution and the summer holidays are the time we test, install and commission a large percentage of our yearly changes - Anti-Virus was on this years 'to do' list and this milestone has not been met. Luckily for Symantec I haven't had time to evaluate a competitor or justify the extra expense to change. I need this version NOW so that I can learn, test and plan a rollout to our estate. My next decent window is April, will we be ready by then?

Can we have a definitive date for the release of SEP11 MR5? Come on, even Microsoft can keep to date (usually).

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Hi Everyone,

The new version of SEP MR5 (11.0.5002.333) is now available, contact Symantec to download the software by fileconnect, the new version is working very well, in my case, i had to uninstall the 11.0.4014.26 version to install the new one.


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 hii all

I install SEP on my win 7 64 bit firstly i install sep live update exe then reboot then install the setup.
i have not sep manger anywhere installed.
every thing is ok. but problem is given below.
i see the network thread protection option never show and i can't use the firewall also.

Please help me!

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 Are you using SEP version 11.0.5002.xx (this is the latest version released few days back )
11.0.5002.xx has all the fixes regarding Windows 7.

For Network Threat Protection you need to computer once after installation

However in your case.Make sure you have 11.0.5002.xx then check if you have installed all features of SEP
Prorams and Features-Change/Modify -and check what all features are install if NTP is not there select NTP and complete the installation.

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

The most helpful part of entire Symantec connect is the Search use it.

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One more problem in window 7
we can't scan any drive any pen drive using right click on the drive.
the scan for virus option never show!!!!

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Please restart the machine once. NTP requires a reboot to get it enabled.

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What are the diferences between the version 11.0.5002.xx and the previous version 11.0.4000.0 and if there are any issues reported with this new version.??? Thanks.

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I don’t mean to upset anyone or anything like that but I don’t understand why the expectations are so high on some of the cases. I’m not really sure what does RU means or if they are official and supported updates or if they are beta releases, either way what you guys need to understand is that we are testing are really new releases of application that passed thought at lot of changes in order to meet the Windows changes. Bugs are supposed to happen and we can’t expect that the initial release supporting Windows 7 will not have bugs. That’s the reason why we should NOT move or production environment to Windows 7 due to the fact that you will have problems. I work for a very important US company (that have used Symantec’s Antivirus for years) and we are all advised that we should try to install Windows 7 on our business PCs/Laptops/etc and if I decide to install it I know I’m on my own and if problems came up I CANT contact internal support, they will not help me at all.

What I’m trying to say is that is not a wise decision to implement products that were recently released on the  production environment  and you shouldn’t expect to get a fix overnight, proper software application are not programmed overnight due to the complexity of the application, testing, etc.

I really want to thank the contributors which attitude is to help companies as Symantec to report issues just because they want to get a better future release instead of a negative approach

Edit: This is something that not only occurs on Symantec, I have the same expectations on all the application I want to install under Windows 7

I will install Windows 7 on my non buisnees laptop using the suggested steps by Symantec Support and hopefully I can workaround the problems until all the bugs are fixed