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windows 7 repair installation

Created: 06 Nov 2013 • Updated: 27 Nov 2013 | 9 comments
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i'm using ghost cast server without any problem as long as i use it with window xp client.
Since i use it with windows 7 client, i've got every time the same problem.
Once the image is restored, the client reboot and start to repair the installation instead of start on windows.
i do create and restore windows 7 in the same way as i do with xp client :

the client start ghost like that : ghost.exe -ja=test -sure -RB

The server :

is there a way to make it works without repair installation?
thanks for your help

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Are you aware that a Windows 7 installation has two partitions? The first partition is hidden, is typically 100Mb in size, and contains important system files required for a successful boot. The second partition is the main C: partition and contains the bulk of the Windows 7 operating system. Unless your image both partitions, or use a drive image, then Windows 7 will need to run a repair to recreate the two partition structure.  Based on your description, you are not providing the correct Win 7 image structure to the target hard disk.

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Thanks for your answer

My english is not so good and i'm not sure to well understand.

I make an entire image disk (i think with hidden partition), ghost explorer  show me 3 partitions in my image file:

  • DellUtility
  • Recovery
  • OS

Gparted show me the same then i think i've got all the partition in my image disk file.

During test i created image disk on one client and i restored the same image on the same client

Then why after reboot windows have to repair installation ?

If you could explain me the way to do that corectly

Thanks again

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Hi Pascal,

On the Ghost Cast server,along with the -clone,mode=create,src=1,dst=@mctest switch include -IB swith for image creation which capture he boot track sector by sector so that the structure is not altered.Check if this makes a difference .

The command line should be like below ,

-clone,mode=create,src=1,dst=@mctest -IB

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Hi Maneesh,

thanks for your answer, i'll make the test and will come back here to told you

Do i have to do the same whane i restore ?

thanks again

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You do not need -IB on restore as the necessary information has already been captured in the image.

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Yes,EDT is correct .Its a switch used with creation.

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I've got a new problem during restore operation : now i've got this error message :

Error Number: (25058) Message: Unable to locate enough contiguous free space to load run.
Increase the destination partition size or
run Ghost with -NTEXACT switch.

i saw that i've to run ghost with -NTEXACT switch, is it the solution? this switch is run from the client side ?

thanks again for your help

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You can use these articles to understand Ghost switches:

The -NTEXACT switch is indeed used on the client during restore.

Looking back over the thread, are you using DOS or WinPE for imaging?

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I'm using PC dos

thanks for your answer

I made the test using -NTEXACT and it works fine

thanks again