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Windows 7 x64 PEinstall - Automation environment will not boot.

Created: 15 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

Good afternoon everyone,

I have an interesting problem that I have not found reference to in countless hours searching. The scenario is as follows:

Install Peinstall_x64

Reboot to Automation envirment

reach "Windows is loading files..." loads the bar once, then blinks, loads the bar twice

pauses at a black screen for a second

then the BIOS is presented and I reach the Boot partition selection dialogue again.

My assumption is some sort of driver conflict preventing the PE being able to load. My questions are as follows:

What is the process required to install the x64 version of the PEinstall? are there any special steps I am missing?

Do i need to inject drivers into the peinstall?

Are there any log files i can review to see why it isnt booting correctly?

Any pointers that could help me resolve this issue would be fantastic.

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