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Windows 8 problems Office 2010 and Norton Internet Security 2013 (symtoms and solution)

Created: 21 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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On a brand new PC (HP-envy) I have Windows 8 and office 2010 pro installed, then NIS2013.
The system was fully updated (all HP, WIndows and Liveupdate patches applied)
Since this week we experience the following:
- Office attachments (word / excel ...) in Outlook will not open (hang when opening in secured mode, or taking over 10 minutes to open)
  (You can select CANCEL, but then the office executable remains in memory , and the temporary office files  cannot be deleted because in use.)
- Windows does not restart (keeps hanging on message 'restarting computer', left it for over 30 minutes , then forced power off (press on/off button until system shuts down)
- wireless LAN connectivity is lost (upto 15 times per day)
On another pc next to it, with the same configuration except for Windows 7 iso 8, we did not experience any of these problems!
When I removed NIS2013 and reinstalled it, the the problems were gone. I hope they do not reappear.
My guess is that some Windows 8 / office update caused a change in scanning configuration causing a conflict between NIS2013 and Office. (or the update turning on some Windows security features without NIS knowing)
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