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Windows Cluster (File Server) - Dedicated Backup NIC

Created: 14 Jun 2013 • Updated: 09 Jul 2013 | 2 comments
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Most of our servers have a dedicated backup NIC on them that is used for backups using Backup Exec 2012. We assign IPs to the backup NICs and make any local host entry edits needed to make the server and backup exec communicate.

I now need to implement this with a clustered File Server (Server 2008 R2). The Virtual Server for the File Server Service has a virtual IP of 10.10.10.x but the backup subnet is on 10.10.20.x. I have the individual node NICs setup and working on the backup network and I can ping the backup exec server, so if I back up resources by pointing to an individual server it works using the backup subnet. How can I make it so I can use a virtual IP in case of a failover? I don't want to point the backups to any specific node, so I'm looking to find out how to add an IP from the backup subnet to the File Server Instance.

Any help is really appreciated, Thanks.

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Colin Weaver's picture

In the cluster resources you need to create secondary IP address objects for the backup subnet as every cluster resource also needs an IP address on both networks in order to backup via the backup LAN.

You may also then have to mess around with host file modifications on  the media server so that it always name resolves the cluster resources and the cluster nodes using addresses on the backup LAN

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After creating the Virtual IP as you suggested I did have to make host entries on the media server so it can communicate over the backup VLAN. I'm not sure if it was required but I made a host entry for the backup server on the File Server Nodes as well.

Backups are running much better now, thanks for the response.