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windows crashed on PGP drive

Created: 14 Feb 2013 | 2 comments

I need to recover data from a disk encrypted with PGP but the windows xp cant start. I have to restore the windows but I need to extract some files from disk before. I want to know how can I do it. Thx.

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I would try using the WDE Recovery CD for decryption of the disk, but it is faster if you connect the disk to another computer with PGP installed, either by placing the disk internally or by using a USB connected disk caddy.

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Indeed, when the operating system fails, it really doesn't have anything to do with encryption. You can install your version of pgp on another pc, use a disk caddy for your drive, or if it's a laptop drive the hard disk is much easier to remove- just unscrew the plate on the bottom that covers the drive and pull it out of its harness. First, get the drive out of whatever its in. Then go to a decent computer store (best buy, micro center, or fryes) show them the disk and ask for the fastest data transfer cables and adapter to plug the drive into. Install pgp on the other machine, Wire it up, boot up windows and your drive will show as new hardware, then open pgp to log into your hooked up drive. You just need to get the drive to copy vital information on to the second machine. Also, very important, go to keys when in pgp desktop, then save the key with "save private" box checked. Save that key on a safe media device