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Windows Dissovable agent issues with GW Enforcer 6100 SEP 12.1

Created: 02 May 2012

We are still trying to get going with our newly inline SNAC, but are seeing issues in testing with Windows On-Demand dissolvable agents.

Our current test HI policies have all requirements (Any AV/Any Firewall) set to "Allow the Host Integrity Check to pass even if this requirement fails"

Despite this, one our of every 4-5 tries on a single machine seems to go to "Network Access is Quarantined" but states Compliance status Check Passed.  Then we must have the client quit the agent.. then we manually remove the client from the client list in SEPM.  Upon reboot the agent works as expected most of the time.

(briefly before saying this it says "Compliance status check has been disabled by an administrator")

I checked here:

and here:

but neither solutions are applicable.

Infra Details:

Windows On-Demand Agent Version:        12.1.1000.157

Symantec Network Access Control Enforcer 6100 Series - v12.1.1000
build 157, 2011-10-30,21:10

We are looking for any help!  thanks in advance.