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Windows Environment Check (upgrade 11d to 12) reveals incompatible SQL instance of WSUS

Created: 28 Feb 2009 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

We plan to upgrade Backup Exec 11.0d to 12.0 SP3 on a server which functions are a domain controller. Additionally this server acts as WSUS server for our domain. It uses an MSDE to store the WSUS db.


I ran the environment check and it threw up only this failure:



Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Express
Status: Passed

Existing instances of Microsoft SQL Server are compatible with Backup Exec.


Failed = Instance: WSUS, Version: 2000 SP 4
Passed = Instance: BKUPEXEC, Version: 2005

Backup Exec MSDE 2000 Check
Status: Passed 


The current version of Backup Exec is not using an instance of MSDE 2000. 



Will WSUS get affected after the upgrade?