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Created: 24 Oct 2012 • Updated: 25 Oct 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi, I'm using Outlook 2010, Win7, EV10 SP1 backend, outlook add-in 10SP2.  I have a virtual vault set up.  When I go to Start, and search for something, it brings up Outlook message, vault cache, and files and programs with that term.  If i select vault cache, it displays all the possible hits in a window.  When I single click and item, the preview pane does not display a preview, it says "no preview available" or "this file can't be previewed".  The policy is set to display 128 characters as a preview with full indexing.

I did a search on this site and noted some people were running PGP addins which caused a similar issue, but I'm not running this.

I have a feeling the issue might be to do with the vault cache being unable to render messages into the preview pane in Windows?  I do note that part of the result has a small preview highlighting the terms that were searched on, but this is not part of the preview pane.

Is this by design?  Any ideas?


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JesusWept3's picture

just as a matter of interest, if you find the item in Virtual Vault itself and click it, does it show correctly as well?

What about Instant Search in Outlook, does that give the same message or does it preview ok?

Sortid's picture

Hi JW, it previews ok in Outlook as well as using Outlook Search.  Seems just the Windows search is affected as far as I can tell.


Ben Heymink's picture

Unfortunately this is a current limitation with our search integration. If you have Virtual Vault enabled, you should see some results under the list of results from Outlook, but it will just be stub content in the preview pane. The Vault Cache results you are viewing we are limited to simply displaying the message for the user to open.

Sorry! Hopefully this is something we can address soon :)

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With a tongue in cheek, I'd suggest upgrading to Windows 8 - the Windows Search interface that is being described here, is no longer present, and so the problem goes away ;-)

Sortid's picture

Thanks guys.  Don't think Windows 8 is an option right now, but something to look forward to ;)