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Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2 : please, update us

Created: 24 Sep 2013 | 19 comments
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words for someone at Symantec.

After asking for some news about Symantec Backup Exec 2012 installable on WS2012 and WS2012 R2 some times ago, no answer from symantec.

Please, you are causing so many problems with our customers, do you understand this little thing?

The word has moved and is moving to WS2012s solution; please, we need a version with media server installable on it.

Or, as you want, say explicitly to change software.

Thank you.

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Currently only the Remote Agent is supported on Windows 2012.

The Media Server is not (yet) supported. Check the SCL.

Also been posted in the Ideas section:

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The support for WS 2012 as a media server will only be available from next version of Backup exec.


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... when? It is possible to have an answer?

On October 18 WS2012R2 will be generally available and Symantec will be ready this time or not?

Thank you

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...there would be a Beta programme running for testing BE 2012 on Windows Server 2012 as a media server. No announcement has been made around this.


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Is there are news about BE 2012 on Windows Server 2012.

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BE2012 will not support Win2012 (R2) as media server, see the link I provides before.

A newer version will support it, but no beta of that is announced, so keep an eye on the forum/technotes.

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...all information already mentioned wink


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BE2012 will need to support Server 2012(R2).. now would be good.

Consider that some us host VMs on Hyper-V.. and put the media server for obvious reasons such as connecting external drives, etc..

This lack of support on a current platform paints me in a corner for my Hyper-V host, then.  I cannot upgrade this host/media server because you don't support it.

I am almost done upgrading four 2008 R2 Std. machines to 2012 R2.. am highly considering ditching BEWS as my backup solution.. and for my clients.  Many of them are a small one/two server shop.. impossible to NOT run 2012(R2) on new rollouts or swing migrations.

Thanks for being two versions behind.  We try to encourage our clients to remain less than two versions behind for their software versions.. so with the release of 2012 R2.. I now have to reconsider BEWS at all.

We already dropped SEP.. probably will drop BEWS by the end of the year.  I'm blocked from upgrade because of your stuff.

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It seems that Symantec is not interested putting the resources into addressing this issue in a timely manner.  I will start looking into other backup solutions.  They act like Windows 2012 and 2012 R2 was a complete surprise to them.

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As we are moving into Windows 2012 (R2) we need some type of work around until a release, what can we do until there is a release that will work with 2012 (R2)?

Come on Symantec...!


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Chimpmaster, I hear what your saying and I also feel the same way.angry 

It's really becoming more of an issue as I am deploying more 2012 servers and even thought I have found work arounds to get BE2012 to run backups it's still not working the way it should be done.


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I just move my enviroment to windows 2012 r2 and i'm so "happy" that support for R2 will be in next 6-10 mounths. It' great news...;/
Why noone's checked documentation that you have a error with 2012r2? I lost 5 hours on the phone with case that BE2012SP3 on windows 2012R2 it's not working and after that i've got unswer: R2 it's not supportet. Greate JOB! And why your support don't know what windows server are supported?
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So whats the work around if no valid work around then can someone suggest a product? At this point you'd be a fool to roll out anything other then server 2012. I have several deployments scheduled for the next month and was planning on using BE. Glad I checked I pretty much assumed that it was supported.

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What a mess!  I've just completed an update at client site to Server 2012R2 and no symantec back for 9 months.  Thank for throwing me under the bus!  I've going to have to give back $$$$ and my credibility is shot.  Of course this will the last time this happens. 

I'm done with the Careless, haphazard way Symantec treats its resellers and end user clients.  At this point everybody drops End Point Protection & Backup Exec.

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Does anyone have another solution?  We are deploying Windows 2012....  what is everyone else doing?

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BE 2014 will have support for installing BE on Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. This is currently deep in the Beta testing.

If you need another product you can search on the Net...there are many other products for you to evaluate.


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Panther Admin,

first of all, I understand your frustration. but...

If you're so familiar with Backup Exec, have you registered for the 2014 Beta? I suggest you talk to your Symantec resources and ask them for the Beta product. It is supported in production environments and supports upgrades from existing installations. Also later upgrade to final release is supported. Support is available. And your customers have their backup's...

Our experience with BE 2014 Beta is positive.