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Windowx XP deployment through ghost

Created: 22 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

Hi All

I am trying to create a WinPE disk through Ghost Solution Suite and unaware of certain things. Please suggest

1) I need a disk that can enable the system to boot through the disk-> Load ghost-> Connect to Network Storage-> Fetch the image from storage and deploy locally

How is it possible ?

Please help



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By reading the documentation?

Seriously though, have you created a WinPE boot image yet, with the necessary Vista 32 bit drivers for the devices you need to support?

The order of events you need is to first establish a network connection, then run ghost and run the appropriate command line to deploy your image.

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Please try the following :

While creating your boot disk using Ghost Boot Wizard,Edit the start.bat as follows:
In your START.BAT,make changes accordingly as shown in the following example:


set path=%path%;x:\ghost

net use I:\\ghost\images /user:<username> <password>


cd \ghost

the last line that you see would be " start ghost32.exe"

Now, Edit the same as "  start ghost32.exe -clone,mode=load,src=I:\GHOSTIMAGE.GHO,dst=1  "

This command line tells Ghost to restore an image named ghostimage.gho from drive I:\  (which is infact the network location where you have your image ) and
to restore it to the first harddrive. 

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Dilip Sebastian

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Thank Dilip,

We have multiple images in our environment and we are looking out for a single solution that will help us with all images.

Can you please suggest what should be done ,have created a winpe with all required drivers and ghost within.

Now need to know how to use this solution to fetch the images from the NAS drives where images will be stored.



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You can use an HTA file to create a GUI for WinPE, and you can run WMI code in the HTA file which will detect the chassis that the WinPE has booted from, and select the appropriate image from a list which you maintain.

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