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WinPE 3.0?

Created: 23 Sep 2013 | 10 comments

When will WinPE 3.0 be able to be used?  No one is releasing WinPE 2.1 drivers anymore, so we are being forced to go to WinPE 3.0.  I don't think we should *have* to do a work around in order to use the product.  Can someone please let me know when the next release will be out that will support WinPE 3.0??

Currently, I see that only 7.1 SP2 MP1 is the latest release....version 7.1.7858.

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I think for the ITMS 7 environment something similar as for DS 6.9 SPx should be valid where you can create your own WinPE 3 using the WAIK and then modify it to include the automation agent and then backup and replace the existing PXE boot.wim file.

I can't speak for 7.x at the moment as this is still in testing for me, but with 6.9 I have that working.


PS: as to best of my knowledge, v3 should be supported with the 7.5 release, but others here will surely know better...

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7.5 includes WinPE 4.0 and appears to be coming out somewhere around the week of October 7. You can hack WinPE 3 or 4 into 7.1 but it's unsupported and likely not worth the effort unless you plan on holding off on the 7.5 upgrade for awhile. If you want to try it, the ITMS specific info is here: That post assumes you can extract or build your own WinPE wim image using Microsoft tools.

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on page 26

Deployment Solution supports WinPE 4.0 preboot package for both x64 and x86
architecture computers.

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Hi Eric,

Do you by chance have any knowledge on the size of the WinPE 4.0 preboot package that is created? I know that if you create one thru the AIK, it has a minimum size of around 170 MB. It would be interesting to know what the size there is and what is included.



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I do not know the size of the package, I haven't had a chance to work with this yet.

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in my test environment the x64 image has 255 MB and the x86 about 210 MB. Only default drivers and imaging tools are included.


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Thanks MD, that will help me a lot for the future !

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7.5 is released with PE 4.  the 7.1 package that includes PE4 is getting fixed soon and hopefully will one day have an installer as well.  This is important for driver support.  DS 6.9 is getting PE 4 support in a month or two with the awaitinged SP6

Thomas Baird
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Note that with DS 6.9 SP5 MR3 and before, the secret to making WinPE 4.0 and 5.0 work properly is disabling compressing the boot image. This does make the boot files larger, but the increased driver support is generally worth it. Just remember to add the HTA, Scripting, and WMI packages to your winpe.wim and everything should work fine. I've been using 4.0 for about a year or so without any problems (except when x86 4.0 got confused and stopped booting, but... eh, that's why you keep backups) and 5.0 for the last week or so.

x86 2.1 178463kb
x86 4.0 177633kb
x86 5.0 191548kb

amd64 2.1 196465kb
amd64 4.0 213458kb
amd64 5.0 232975kb

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The DS 6.9 SP6 is now out and sort of available (if you call support) and will soon be posted on the Web.  This has PE 4.0 integrated and full UEFI support.  Keep an eye out for posting on the Web.

Thomas Baird
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