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WinPE 3.1 and GSS 2.5.1

Created: 13 Aug 2013 | 4 comments

I just wanted to post this in the forum, since it is currently in the Articles section.  My article on setting up a WinPE3.1 partition for use in GSS2.5.1 has been approved!  by no means is this a fool proof, 100% replacement, but it is a nice start for anyone wanting to see how this could be done.

Thanks to EdT also for this, since he is very helpful in the forums!

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Thanks Terry - I think a lot of Ghost users will find this information most helpful!

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I have fooled Ghost into thinking it has Vista drivers installed for hardware that is unsupported by Vista.  You can then still call the WinPE3.1 partition and it will boot into it!  I will provide a write up on how to do this at a future date

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i wrote up the process to fake insert a driver and make GSS think it has it, even though it will boot the WinPE3.1 image.  The article was submitted for approval.  I will paste the link in here when/if it is approved

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how to insert fake drivers into GSS 2.5.1 to make the console boot the non standard WinPE image you made!