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WinPE 3.1 locks Rdeploy with Read, Write...

Created: 24 Sep 2013 • Updated: 24 Sep 2013 | 1 comment

I'm running WinPE 3.1 in my DS 6.9 environment, when I run a Distribute Image Task, it locks rdeploy with Read, Write. Any other PE environment that tries to access rdeploy will receive error "RDeploy: The disk I/O (int13) call failed". If I close the session rdeploy will remain running as its already loaded in PE, and I can retry task on another machine and it kicks off rdeploy.

I changed the Distribute Image Task with a Run Script and same results occured. Finally I opted to copy rdeploy over into WinPE and multiple images can run simultaneously. The image drops correctly, joins the domain but a seperate partition exists (D:\) labeled as "System Reserved" (basically its the boot partition). This doesnt occur with a Distribute Image task...but then I'm stuck with imaging one machine at a time.

In WinPE I am using a local account with Read, Execute on the share, nothing fancy.


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I had the same problem a while back.  I ended up setting the attributes on rdeploy.exe and rdeployt.exe to Read-only.  This fixed the problem.