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WinXP - An invalid domain was specified...

Created: 21 Jun 2013 | 2 comments

I am using Deployment Solution 6.9 SP5, deploying Windows XP images.  The image is mostly Hardware independent and I have been updating the image over the last 3 years with small hiccups but have been able to fix my issues - UNTIL NOW.  

I am trying to image a Dell Optiplex 9010 desktop and am successful in pushing the image and pull over the drivers successfully.  When it reboots it follows the sysprep.inf unattend, but when it goes to join the domain, and only on this particular machine, I am getting the following popup:

An invalid domain was specified.  Would you like to proceed for now and try joining a domain later?

I have not done anything to the sysprep file.  I am thinking it may have to do with the network drivers that the environment is using or trying to use.  I cannot figure it out.  Can someone give me a hint?  I don't think it is the network drivers as the nic light is still on, I have pushed the image etc., but I cannot rule that out.  I am aware of WinPE and needing Vista drivers (did that), but I am not 100%.

Thank you in advance

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When you are in Windows or mini setup (depends on what stage you get this), try to check if the NIC is already installed or if the issue is with the NIC drivers for the OS. You should be able to have a CMD window open even during mini setup by pressing CTRL + F10 (if I ermember well).

That should give you an indicator whether the issue lays with the NIC drivers for the OS or elsewhere...