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Wise Package Studio 8 vs. Wise Virtual Composer

Created: 06 May 2011 | 1 comment

I currenty own Wise Package Studio 7 SP3 and was considering upgrading.  I was wondering what the difference is between Wise Package Studio 8 and Wise Virtual Composer and if one contains the other or if they are designed to be completely separate products.  I am leaning toward doing more virtualization but would like to create the package as an msi first so that I can track of it as a product with inventory solution.

Also in the past I have only used the SWV built in admin tool for basic virtualization.

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Wise Package Studio and Wise Virtual Composer are 2 seperate applications, and neither include the other.  It sounds like you already are familiar with Package Studio, so I won't go too much into that.  Virtual Composer configures Virtual layers and creates xpf files.  If you are not doing virtualization, or if you want to create msi packages, then Package Studio would be the way to go.

I have inquired what beinfit there is for creating through Virtual Composer, as apposed to the SWV admin tool, and was told that it allows you to create and use templates for settings within the layer.  It is mainly used for software streaming.  If you are licensed for SWV, then you are licensed for Wise Virtual Composer, but currently the only way to download Virtual Composer is to download Symantec Workspace Streaming Suite (all you need is the trial version), and extract the install out of there.