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WiseScript editor System32 64-bit variable

Created: 31 Jul 2012 • Updated: 31 Jul 2012 | 7 comments


I have Wise 8 mr1 and had an issue copying files from the System32 on a 64ibt machine.

I cannot even do a search for file, function in the System32. The variable %SYS32% returns C:\Windows\System32, but

it obviously is looking in SysWOW64 folder and you can't point a file copy or even a file search to the 64-bit Windows 7 System32 folder with the


If I put a test file in the C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder, the search in %SYS32% pulls up the file OK...I just need a way

to search the C:\Windows\System32 folder explicitly.

I don't know of a variable to explicitly hit that 64-bit folder.

The Variable for the 64bit Program Files folder is, %PROGRAMW6432% for example and works in Wisescript.

Thanks for any ideas.

Jeff L.

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Found my answer.

To search or copy files on a 64-bit machine in C:\Windows\System32\,

you can use, %WIN%\sysnative\ for the directory in Wisescript. This tell the OS you want the 64-bit. Wow, took my google skills a few hours to find this one. I guess there is no updated WiseScript manual either...Still, this was a 64-bit OS thing, but it would have been nice to document how to search the 64-bit file folders in WiseScript.


Jeff L.

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...are available on the Symantec website at:

On page 4 there is a paragraph that states:

In the WiseScript Package Editor and WiseScript Editor, the Wisescript
custom actions that interact with file system and registries now support
the 64-bit operating system. The custom actions Find file in path and
Read-Update text file use the newly added 64-bit support variable
“%x64SYS32%” to search, read, and update a file on 64-bit systems.
Took a few seconds to read the TOPMOST sticky posting in this forum to lead me to it........

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Thanks Edt,

Thanks, I will read the stickies on the forum next time.

Jeff L.

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Well, I tried the %x64SYS32% variable and it confirms it sees the file(find File in Path), but cannot copy it with the copy local file action. I still have to use the %WIN%\sysnative switch to copy from the System32 dir to another directory.

It doesn't seem that %x64SYS32% can actually do anything in the 64bit system32 almost like a permission issue when it tries to copy a file. "The File C:\WIndows\System32\atest64.txt could not be opened."

I search for the file put it in a variable and use that variable to copy the file locally...also use the Display Message function with my variable just to confirm the variable returned the correct path, which it does.

I will probably just keep using the sysnative switch since it doesn't appear that all the file functions in wisescript work with %x64SYS32%...obviously only the few that are mentioned in the release notes.

Thanks for responding so quickly Edt.


Jeff L.

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The bottom line is that Wisescript was not rewritten to be a 64 bit application, but that **some** 64 bit functionality was added. It was never intended for the upgrade to be a full 64 bit installer as the MSI technology is perfectly adequate for that. I had to do a lot of persuading to get the original 64 bit Wisescript specification extended to include some rather basic functions but there was never enough developer time or budget to do it properly. At the time, I was unaware that the intention was to pass Wisescript to Flexera, so once this has happened, maybe we will see some more investment on extending Wisescript fully into a 64 bit product. However, don't hold your breath.

Since VBScript is fully 64 bit aware, custom actions can do most of the things that Wisescript was used for, albeit sometimes with a bit more coding necessary.

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File System Redirection

Please follow the link and let me know whether it solves the concern or not:


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I have been using the Sysnative variable on Windows 7 boxes with no issue. We don't support XP 64 bit in our Environment...but we do use Server 2003. I usually don't get called to do many custom packages on Server anyway, but I will keep the hotfix in mind. The Sysnative works for all the WIndows 7 boxes I have run into. I also have a Wisescript action that can turn off redirection, but that is more of a pain to use that a simple variable. Thanks for the tip.

Jeff l