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Workflow - Compare two Collections

Created: 06 Apr 2012 | 5 comments

I have two collections where Collection A my have items in Collection B. If they exist I want to remove them from Collection A so Collection A only contains unique items. How do I do this?

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Add a "Configurable Collection Filter" component where you want the filtering to happen. Set it up like the example below:

Click on the ellipsis on the Filter Model and set that up like the image below:

That should work assuming both collections are the same datatype.

- Bruce

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We were filtering the results to a new collection instead of just filtering them out of the existing and reusing that for the next check. Simple fix.

Thanks for the quick reply

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Turns out this will time out with large collections. I was wondering if I could just use the Scripting component to do the dedupe in C#.

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Yes, you can. You only need to properly pass collection on input and return it as a result.

You can also write a seperate code file, compile it to a independent DLL and generate a method caller component for this DLL.

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I am kinda shocked something like this doesn't already exist.